Thursday, July 28, 2016

a mini room update ft. urban outfitters

Hello! So since I last updated you guys on my apartment, things have changed. I've obviously had the opportunity to add items, some color, and just basically make it more my own! A little place I could open the door and take a deep breath and feel so happy and cozy. Urban Outfitters recently sent me some amazing pieces to add to my room and I couldn't be more excited to share them with you guys. The items truly livened up my space and just made it feel more like home.

I fell in love with the pink fuzzy pillow and the grey/green shams. I didn't realize how plain my bed was until I added those babies and I was like 'well...this makes such a difference'. And then, of course, is my little beauty corner additions. I love when I have more storage to put jewelry and just miscellaneous items yet still have it look clean and cute. I love that little golden tower, which I did fill with jewelry once I was done taking pictures ;-) 

You guys have probably seen this rack tons on my Tumblr, but I wanted to include it since it's such a huge part of my room and a great essential for me. It helps me sort through what I like and what my style is in a given moment. I put my favorite pieces, shoes, and accessories on it and then switch it around every season. The rack is from The Little Deer by the way! They have amazing copper pieces and homewares.

Urban also gifted candles and wonderful beauty products, as well as these white lights that I'm seriously in love with. I just need to find a clever/useful way to hang them properly. I will continue to brainstorm...

Last but not least, I also love this bohemian throw that I can snuggle up in with a cup of coffee and Gossip Girl. Which I will most likely do as soon as I post this. 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this brief little post of my room update! I'm sure I'll still be adding pieces somehow, and there will constantly be updates and changes. That's how I keep myself inspired and creative interior wise, and it's so fun and refreshing. I hope you all had amazing weeks and wishing you even better weekends!!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

these are a few of my favorite things...

Since I haven't done a favorites blogpost in a while, I was so in the mood to show/share with you guys what I've been absolutely loving recently. I've been feeling so inspired and bursting with summer feels and positivity. This past June I've been really focusing on inner health and a positive mind, along with having fun and trying to clear out my closet and all the other junk that I find myself not really needing. Okay, I'll stop being so sentimental and show you my favorites!

Because it is summer and this seemed very necessary, I have to say that this is going to be my favorite swimsuit for this season. Its so cute and lacey yet nothing too over the top (I don't want the entire beach seeing my booty, thank you). Thanks to the lovely Cacique Boutique for gifting this little guy to me. Check out their really beautiful swimwear (from designers all over) here

Going along with the taking care of the body theme, I just feel like lavender can be such a positive flower (herb?) to have around. It smells amazing and even the look is purely beautiful. I want to start getting into knowing my herbs because someday I hope to have my own little garden behind my house. I'm hanging these babies up for a week and then I'll start sticking them in vases/mason jars everywhere!

I don't think I've ever worn pink...before this summer started. I've just been so into floral (grandma-y) dresses and blouses. Vintage shopping for florals like these has become my favorite little activity. I hang them up on my rack (from The Little Deer) to give me inspiration and to just put a pep in my step. Items from right to left: Kylie & Kendall floral blouse, Brandy Melville vintage button up, Brandy Melville vintage dress, Christy Dawn dress)

Okay, I understand this is a weird favorite, but my favorite thing is to go to markets or fruit stands and buy peaches and cherries. They're so cheap (at the fruit stands at least) and they make such perfect summer snacks. Plus they're good for you with lots of vitamins and nutrients. And the peach emoji and cherry emoji are the best emojis, c'mon.

I could not be more excited because Zara was having a huge sale, and so I caved into this trend because I honestly think it's adorable and so sweet looking. The link is here. This isn't my photo (credits to the beauty on Tumblr who took this photo) because they haven't arrived just yet, but I wanted to include them in my favorites because I know I'll most likely be wearing them nonstop. 

You guys have probably seen me obsess over Glossier on my Youtube and Tumblr, but I really had to include them in my favorites. Yes that is a no makeup selfie (I need the boy brow so badly) but these 2 items are my go-to on my makeup tray (linked below)

They're just a perfect classic for anyones wardrobe. I love their vintagey look and they're always so comfy. Honestly, I don't know how much I can say about Levi's because you've probably heard it all before, but I've been wearing them basically everyday so!!

And those are my favorites! I really hope you enjoyed this babes. Love you & wishing you the best July yet!!