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beach walk: the perfect summer bath line

This past Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity of collaborating with Maison Margiela Fragrances to get to know their new collection of bath products; Beach Walk, which will take you back to summers in the sand with coconuts, listening to waves, and freckly, warm skin.

The Beach Walk line includes a candle, a fragrance, a body oil, a shower gel, as well as a body lotion, and let me tell you...the scent is delicious. We all know I'm not one for overly heavy, sugary scents, which is why I fell in love with Margiela Fragrances in the first place. The Beach Walk collection includes notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, and pink pepper 'to evoke a familiar but forgotten moment-a walk along a sandy beach." It's very romantic, very light, and will have everyone on the beach questioning who smells so good.
Besides the amazing fragrance and perfectly beautiful packaging, I love how the aroma does bring you back to that time on the beach with tanned skin, drinking overly-coconutty drinks and dozing off in the shade. Which is why it brings me to the conclusion that is really is the perfect summer line.

And, not to mention, the trip to Montauk was stunning. We rode horses, drank cocktails swaying along to the beachy breeze, and the rooms at The Surf Lodge screamed bohemian summer. I also screamed because I got major interior inspiration.


I loooove the body oil, and though it is called 'body' oil, a very nice girl at the preview told me you can totally use it in your hair too (which was great to hear because my hair gets so dry, especially in the summer). The shower gel will make you feel fresh and clean, while the lotion will get you all moisturized and ready to go...and smelling, of course, like Beach Walk scent. Yes, I will use all of these products before going out and I have no shame. 

This line came just in time for if you're browsing for a light, summery scent that gives you nostalgia every time you happen to smell your own wrists...which you will be doing a lot when you wear this scent.

Thanks so much for reading and if you want to browse the collection you can here! Also, follow their Instagram for major summer-inspiration and for more pictures from Montauk, woo! 

*This post was in collaboration with Maison Margiela Fragrances. 


  1. The bottles are more beautiful than the product I believe, why is it saying ‘’replica’’? is it a product name or a copy of something? But your review is helpful and interesting.

    1. Replica is the name of the fragrances, which means to 'replicate' a certain point in time! Which is why most of their scents are evoking a nostalgia and a certain feeling...for example their other fragrances are named 'by the fireplace' or 'jazz club', both meant to evoke those smells!