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adventure for coffee

Hi! Today my friend and I drove all over God's creation to find a new cute cafe…basically as an adventure, plus I've been wanting to try it for a long time. It was a nice drive and definitely worth it. We ventured to Art Cafe and I was super pleased to find it wasn't that busy (compared to the last time I went and it was a fail). It was so nice and I really loved the at-home decor of it…definitely a place I'll be visiting tons when I get the chance. We brought our loads of homework along as well and talked, studied, and ate magnificent croissants with cappuccinos.

We found a bookstore afterwards which was convenient and cool, but it was getting late and we had to drive back. But, we did manage to get an outfit shot of course, though I am a slob kabob and my outfits have slowly more and more been reflecting that

American Apparel mom jeans, H&M belt, Free People striped shirt, Urban Outfitters cardigan (my new fav), and Urban black oxfords with FP socks (and Scaramanga backpack, of course)

That's all for today! I'm currently studying and drinking red wine…my dad recommended it to me because I'm seriously stressing about the multiple tests I have to take tomorrow. Sometimes, you have to breathe, drink wine, and burn your homework. Wise words from yours truly.