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flash series

Playing around on a gloomy day with my camera turned into capturing little bits of my room, with the flash on. Yes, it makes everything look a whole lot dirtier, but I ended up loving the rawness of these photos, it was almost dream-like in a weird way.

my favorite magazines

In the last 2-3 months, I've been obsessing over magazines, which I suppose is an old habit of mine as I am looking over a stack of Kinfolk's that I have collected over the past couple of years. But seriously, I might even be crazy enough to say that magazines are almost better than books (I did say almost). As a visual person, there is so much to absorb from one single magazine photoshoot it can send me into a literal artistic epiphany. With that said, when the right magazine issue comes along it can truly be the thing that inspires you for weeks to come...

top 5 makeup products

Though I've always been a skincare type of girl, makeup has really been bringing me joy lately. Maybe because I've had the time to spring de-clutter my makeup drawer and actually see what I'm working with. With that said, I wanted to write about my top 5 makeup as of late.

how to style: gingham

Gingham is definitely a new trend that will be sticking around this spring and summer season; it brings me back to a time when we would all wear gingham dresses in the 2nd grade and have lollipops and draw with crayons. Now, it's chic and brings a playful element to any outfit. I've been thinking about how I would want to style it without being too crazy, yet while having it be the eye-catching point to my outfit. Take a look!