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new in: beauty tray

Now, you guys might be looking at this blogpost's title and saying to yourselves...huh? What the heck is a beauty tray? Honestly it is a very unofficial term I made up just for the sake of this post. But, basically, I did get a new 'tray' for my desk to stock my favorite beauty products and fragrances! And, naturally, I wanted to share it with you as part of my 'interior sharing' posts that have been going on lately. First with the marble table, and now this tray...

It is not a question that my obsession with beauty products, skincare, and fragrances has reached its ultimate peak. I just find something so rewarding about treating yourself to a product or fragrance after you've worked your butt off. It's just a beautiful, fĂ©minin sort of feeling. I love the look that the mirrored bottom gives, especially when there is a candle lit. I think it is just such a simple way to store items that you want to display at the same time. And, adding little plants or the vintage bottles with baby's breath gives it a romantic feel. 

This gold tray is from World Market, and, considering how large it actually is, was so reasonably priced. I can't wait to put more trinkets on it and I will transport it with me no matter where my next 'beauty desk' is. Oh and yes that is another term. My desk isn't actually a working desk...it is basically a table that I turned into a little vanity table area. Sometimes I do work on it, but most of the time it's for doing makeup and layering on too many perfume scents...Anyway, I really hope you liked this! I think next up on the interiors wish list is wall prints. That might take a little bit just because it is such a commitment, but I can't wait to show you guys the ones I picked out. It's going to be great :") I hope you had a great week and let me know what your digging interior-wise right now!Xoxo,Christie 

a new marble addition

Hi guys! I know I always update you on when I get something new interior-wise or just a piece that I'm really excited to share with you all...and, this weekend I got a new marble table! I am soooo in love, I seriously cannot stop staring at it. I have been moving it around a bit, but I have finally settled on putting it in a little empty corner I have in my room. These pictures were obviously taken before that happened. But, anyway, I can't wait to stack more magazines and books on it and style it to match the rest of my room. 

In my last couple of blog posts I've been talking about my recent obsession with marble. I just think it's something so simple yet can amp up a room. I feel like you could put a dirty trash bag on marble and it will still look elegant and so chic (that was a poor example huh).

Also, as you might happen to see on my Instagram feed, I've been really liking pops of red. Every store I go into there is so much red, orange, and pink (unfortunately I don't think I could ever do pink) but it's making me feel so inspired! Like marble, I think red can be such a nice, chic color when done in the right textures.

The table was from Tjmaxx (similar linked)--I was so happy at how affordable it was. My clothing rack is from The Little Deer, and the perfume that I have been really enjoying lately is by Maison Margiela fragrances. They are such a beautiful brand! And the hoop earrings are by & Other Stories, just in case you guys were curious!

Let me know what you guys think! I feel like buying one piece of furniture can just totally change your space up. I just feel like you always have to keep it updated and fresh, especially with a space that you're living in for a while. It will make you feel so much more empowered about the cozy vibe you have created!


desk series

Hi guys! I wanted to share a couple of photographs of my desk because it is my literal favorite thing about my room. I honestly don't know what it is--perhaps because of the collection of beauty products or just the lightweight, delicate nature about it especially when sunlight filters in and casts a special glow, but I just love it. My desk is from Ikea and, like I discussed in my last blogpost, I definitely want to cover it in a marble pattern soon but for right now I am appreciating the wood texture. I also spray-painted that mirror from black to white and got a chair from Tjmaxx and threw a fur throw on it to make it extra comfy. I wanted to create an inspiring space that would make me look forward to doing my makeup because...I rarely look forward to doing my makeup.

Also, my desk is normally facing my window, but I just wanted to see what it would look like facing the wall. I absolutely love the look of it, but the layout of my room is tricky to work with, so I might have to move it back. But, it's fun to change it up and dream!

Anyway, I didn't want to do much writing here, I felt inspired to take some photos. Let me know what you guys think! Also I changed my theme! I am so happy with it. I literally said this the other day but I just really wanted something simple and more me...and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it. Really hope you guys like it too!


latest inspirations

Hi dears! So I wanted to make a little creative post today because I've been feeling unbelievably inspired lately. I have a sudden urge to change up my room a bit and make it more mature...mostly because...well...I think I'm maturing! And as you mature, your tastes obviously change and build and I find myself just wanting more quality over quantity, which I know is a concept we all hear all the time. I just feel more charged up, wanting even more simplicity than I usually do, and having a passion towards art like I never really have before. I've always been an admirer of art and film photographs (obviously) and Parisian style, but the difference I find in myself now is that I want to act upon it, rather than dream and look on. And I thought what is better way to than to organize my thoughts into some mood boards!

With that said, I do want to change up my room a bit, like I said before. I want to cover my desk in a white marble pattern (I found a Youtube tutorial and you can literally buy marble-like textures and glue it to your desk). I have a gold tray to store all my beauty/fragrance products because my desk has become a little bit of a mess of 'em. I'm going to hang up some wall prints above my bed that I picked out from Etsy (I just need to print them out at Staples and frame them and hang them...uye it will be bit of a process). Some of the prints are fashion inspired and some are just plain ol' nostalgic. And just little touches here and there, like organizing my books and investing in some great fashion books for a future coffee table. Is it weird that coffee table aesthetics really make me excited?
I also added some other things, like that crazy gold mirror...obviously I don't want a mirror that insane, but I've always wanted a gold-framed mirror for when I have a little makeup vanity or to hang against a wall. Again, future goals people.

I've been super obsessed with marble lately and also just really nice, light wood textures. I've also been loving furs (not real ones) and other textures that just really can spice up any space. I've been eyeing some marble book ends so I can actually have my favorite books on my desk without having to lean against something that is unstable. I feel like I'm maturing in the way that I really want to try new things, add something different to make it even more home-y yet maybe sort of trendy.

And, of course, my skincare obsession continues, which is why I had to add them in every set. Not that I still don't absolutely love my St. Ives or Proactiv ;-) But anyway, that's really all! Just wanted to share with you the subtle improvements I want to make within the next 3 months. Right in time for a new, Spring look! It'll just freshen things up a bit. I've been in this apartment for almost a year so I feel like it's only necessary, especially since I haven't changed a thing at all. I'm also thinking about getting a new theme for this blog, since I've had it for way more than a year! Again just something fresh. What do you guys think? What have you been obsessing over?