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the feline that is making waves in the art world

Christiane Spansberg, or known in my head as the feline that is making ultimate waves in the art world, is one inspiring woman. I was never a fan of art until I stumbled across her Instagram account (a true millennial story) and fell in love with not only her beautiful works but her way of life as well. Yes, art can be intimidating, but her signature drawings and paintings make one feel at ease and as if they can connect to it, because we can.

flash series

Playing around on a gloomy day with my camera turned into capturing little bits of my room, with the flash on. Yes, it makes everything look a whole lot dirtier, but I ended up loving the rawness of these photos, it was almost dream-like in a weird way.

my favorite magazines

In the last 2-3 months, I've been obsessing over magazines, which I suppose is an old habit of mine as I am looking over a stack of Kinfolk's that I have collected over the past couple of years. But seriously, I might even be crazy enough to say that magazines are almost better than books (I did say almost). As a visual person, there is so much to absorb from one single magazine photoshoot it can send me into a literal artistic epiphany. With that said, when the right magazine issue comes along it can truly be the thing that inspires you for weeks to come...

top 5 makeup products

Though I've always been a skincare type of girl, makeup has really been bringing me joy lately. Maybe because I've had the time to spring de-clutter my makeup drawer and actually see what I'm working with. With that said, I wanted to write about my top 5 makeup as of late.

how to style: gingham

Gingham is definitely a new trend that will be sticking around this spring and summer season; it brings me back to a time when we would all wear gingham dresses in the 2nd grade and have lollipops and draw with crayons. Now, it's chic and brings a playful element to any outfit. I've been thinking about how I would want to style it without being too crazy, yet while having it be the eye-catching point to my outfit. Take a look!

first impressions: the sunscreen everyone is talking about

Glossier just launched their newest product, the Invisible Shield Sunscreen, sending everyone into sun protection-happy frenzy and making others, like me, say, how have I not protected my skin from sun before? How have I not applied sun screen, like, everyday before I walk out of the house? What is WRONG with me? And, most importantly, have I messed up my skin permanently now for years to come? Luckily, I got my hands on this sunscreen on Wednesday...

new interiors: the antique mirror

It's been on 2 or 3 of my inspiration boards..obviously I have been a little obsessed with a French, antique, gold-framed mirror for the past couple of months now and I am so happy to say you guys won't hear me obsessing about it any longer. Well, you probably will, since now I have one sitting actually sitting on my vanity table...

recent wears

I wanted to do a fashion-focused post today since I haven't done one in a while and wanted to share what I've been wearing the last couple of weeks! Most of these outfits are spring-forward, too, which gets me in the best mood ever. It is crazy how much New York literally comes alive when it's warm out. The café chairs come out, bikes can be found everywhere, and everything feels so much fresher (and kinder, if that's possible).