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how to style: gingham

Gingham is definitely a new trend that will be sticking around this spring and summer season; it brings me back to a time when we would all wear gingham dresses in the 2nd grade and have lollipops and draw with crayons. Now, it's chic and brings a playful element to any outfit. I've been thinking about how I would want to style it without being too crazy, yet while having it be the eye-catching point to my outfit. Take a look!

Coffee shop. Red gingham and lips. Sling backs.
Cappuccino. Chloé bag. Coin necklace. 

Beach picnic. Gingham shorts. Chunky sandals. 
Straw details. White n' baby pink. Gold. 

Roadtrip. Gingham dress. White sneakers. Film camera.
Black bow tied in your hair. Funky sunglasses.

Running around. Gingham pants. Red shoes.
Vintage t-shirt. Sailors cap. Gold hoops.

I really hope you like these looks! As always, let me know which one is your favorite. You can find all of the details here. With this newfound inspiration I feel like I have to get more gingham in my closet! Places I would recommend looking include Zara, Mango, and of course the literal queen of gingham pieces right now, Reformation. A girl can dream. 



  1. I love this! Gingham is becoming my current favourite 😍

  2. hello! i was wondering where exactly the sunglasses in the "roadtrip" outfit are from! If you could lmk that would be gr8 :)

    1. Here you go babe! http://www.polyvore.com/celine_eva_cl_41399_efb/thing?context_id=221570869&context_type=collection&id=188743298

  3. Lovely looks! Gingham is my new favorite!

  4. oh my gosh I looooove your page so much <3


  5. I just did a post on gingham too! It's just a fun print for the summer! :)


  6. Great post! Love this inspiration! Kisses

    new post! http://thefashionjump.blogspot.com.es/