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first impressions: the sunscreen everyone is talking about

Glossier just launched their newest product, the Invisible Shield Sunscreen, sending everyone into sun protection-happy frenzy and making others, like me, say, how have I not protected my skin from sun before? How have I not applied sun screen, like, everyday before I walk out of the house? What is WRONG with me? And, most importantly, have I messed up my skin permanently now for years to come? Luckily, I got my hands on this sunscreen on Wednesday...

I never really thought about suncreen before, even though the foundations I use have SPF and what not, it just was never a true concern of mine. But, ever since Glossier did this launch, I've been really thinking about it and how sunscreen really is important to our everyday lives. It can prevent aging (which is great) but also protect you from skin cancer, which, for me runs in my family, so even extra important to think about.

First off, of course the packaging is amazing. I love the sleek tube and yellow details. The only thing is, I would say, that if I hadn't got sent this, I'm not sure if I would pay $35 for such a small tube. I know it is a great product and basically should be looked at as skincare (which, nowadays, a normal skincare product can go for $30 and up) but it is just something to think about! *stay tuned for a discount though

The consistency of the product is really what gets me going. It is light, almost gel-like, and then blends into the skin perfectly. After 5 seconds there still is that sheen (which you can see in the third picture), but it blends into the skin after a solid 15 seconds, leaving no trace of white-sunscreen paste or any unwanted grease. 

No makeup, just Invisible Shield

I was pretty nervous about applying this before my makeup, since everyone understands that sunscreen + makeup is literally a recipe for disaster. But, it felt fine. Again, there was no excess oil and it didn't feel like my makeup was sliding off at all. I was truly happy with the result and it just feels good to feel protected. Almost like drinking water or doing a face mask every week. It's like wow, I have my life under control..or at least my skin.

More about this product: Has broad spectrum SPF 35, can apply after moisturizer and before foundation, key ingredients include: H20 (gotta have that hydration), antioxidant complex (vitamin E, aloe), & sweet orange peel oil 

Also, this post isn't an ad or anything like that. I just genuinely wanted to tell you my first impressions about it! But, if you are interested in purchasing, you can get 20% off and free shipping over $30 if you go here. Seriously, only if you want, I hate making it sound like I'm forcing anyone but it is a great little promo, especially since this is one of their most expensive products. 

Maybe I can do an updated review once I've been wearing the Invisible Shield for a straight month and tell you what I think! But, the reviews have been amazing, and, just based on first impressions, I can definitely understand why. I love how Glossier is focusing on an important issue that most millennials (including myself) haven't really thought about. Definitely feels like a step in the right direction and almost like a skincare revolution, woo!



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