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december favorites

With a new month and therefore an end of a month, I have my December favorites for y'all! December had a lot of simplifying and gift-buying, therefore not leaving me with a lot of time to myself, which honestly is just fine sometimes. Therefore, my favorites for this month are very basic and nothing too over-the-top, but I still wanted to share some of my most treasured and used items in case you need some pick me ups or just some ideas to keep warm/keep moisturized/keep glowin!

In winter it's so fucking hard to look nice. Seriously, it is. That's why I love being able to smell nice because with smelling nice.....comes....feeling nice?? I'm a huge rose fan so don't listen to me if you're not, but smelling like a rose makes me feel fresh, vibrant, and not like I'm dying from being chapped in places I didn't even know I could be chapped. The Mario Badescu spray literally makes you feel reborn. I also added the Chanel powder because it's great with keeping your makeup in place, and, of course, my Nars duo because I'm obsessed and it makes me glowy, even in the winter.

Winter I think is the best time to keep everything simple; therefore, my wardrobe is the simplest, coziest it can be. Tons of turtlenecks, sleepwear, and knitted lingerie. Think Brandy Melville on steroids...that was the goal of my closet this month. Really, it's all about being comfy yet cute and not looking like a hobo. Maybe a cute hobo.

Going along with the whole coziness idea of December, I've been drinking tons of tea (green tea and peppermint are my favorite) and writing poems. When I have nothing else to do I literally crack open my journal and take at least 20 minutes to write about something...most likely a favorite moment with my love. Of course Kinfolk is one of my favorite reads and, since I've been too busy to read an actual book, it makes me feel 500x better since I'm reading at least something that is educating. A blanket and records are also necessary.

Yes this category was extremely necessary. Like I said before, I've been so dry this month it really has me :'( so I went to Lush to make my skin (and myself) feel a little bit better. Lush has tons of masks for dry skin specifically, but I decided to pick up the Cup O' Coffee one because my obsession with coffee has controlled my life. I'm in LOVE with the Bubblegum lip scrub because my lips were unbelievably chapped, but with this and my rose moisturizer it worked like a charm :") Now Adam doesn't have to suffer making out with gross lips hehe always good
Random favorites:
Song: Oviedo by Blind Pilots
Food: Anything sweet. Cookies. 
Drink: Pineapple juice.
Book: Can Kinfolk count?
Instagram: @ameliafullarton 
Outfit: Leather pants, Zara chunky black heeled boots, probably a black shirt, a jacket.
Activity: Making hot chocolate or stalking family Instagrams or PINTEREST
That's it for this month loves! I hope you liked this and again if you want me to actually do this every month I sure can! Though I have a feeling December and January favorites will be very much the same. Thank you babies for reading!


some january outfitting

As the weather really buckles down to bitter cold and sometimes with crisp, snowy mornings, getting dressed for winter can be like layering the shit out of yourself and your wardrobe. It's turtlenecks, gloves, a jacket, and then another jacket. It can feel endless, annoying, and ultimately...uninspiring. In the winter I'm so inclined to just throw on a pair of thick leggings and an oversized sweatshirt and call it a day. That's why I created this baby post to hopefully get some inspiration inside of all of us...no matter what style you might prefer ;-)

And that's that! Many different vibes but I love all of them very much. Also, just as a disclaimer, what I listed with the outfits doesn't mean you have to follow it cookie-cutter, or limit yourself to being these exact 'looks' and 'girls'. You can take from each and make it your own :-) That's the beauty of fashion and creating your own style. If you want to know where everything is from exactly, go to my Polyvore here and click on the outfits/hover over the pieces.

Happy Sunday and hope you all have a great day today! Let me know which look is your favorite, I'd love to know.


*Also hope you guys like the new theme colors?! All credits and love to BELLALULUINKEtsy Link