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some january outfitting

As the weather really buckles down to bitter cold and sometimes with crisp, snowy mornings, getting dressed for winter can be like layering the shit out of yourself and your wardrobe. It's turtlenecks, gloves, a jacket, and then another jacket. It can feel endless, annoying, and ultimately...uninspiring. In the winter I'm so inclined to just throw on a pair of thick leggings and an oversized sweatshirt and call it a day. That's why I created this baby post to hopefully get some inspiration inside of all of us...no matter what style you might prefer ;-)

And that's that! Many different vibes but I love all of them very much. Also, just as a disclaimer, what I listed with the outfits doesn't mean you have to follow it cookie-cutter, or limit yourself to being these exact 'looks' and 'girls'. You can take from each and make it your own :-) That's the beauty of fashion and creating your own style. If you want to know where everything is from exactly, go to my Polyvore here and click on the outfits/hover over the pieces.

Happy Sunday and hope you all have a great day today! Let me know which look is your favorite, I'd love to know.


*Also hope you guys like the new theme colors?! All credits and love to BELLALULUINKEtsy Link


  1. i loved the retro and the tomboy, i think I'll adapt them to the tropical weather where I live in which 16ÂșC is so cold I get sick but I love cold and when cold weather happens (not so often) I have to take advantage and wear cute clothes like those.

  2. Love all of them but, adventure is definitely my favorite!!

  3. What a great idea, totally going to do some of those on paper! I loved the retro gal and adventurer since these are the styles I like most for this year. Keep on posting such great content, lots of love xx