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sunday things

Today I felt like simply not doing much of anything. That's always what Sundays are for, right? Slipping on an overly cozy outfit, watching Netflix, drinking endless coffee. These usually are the days that I 'heal' and, of course, do my homework, but when it's not too stressful I love appreciating the little things and all the touches that make up a Sunday.

Step One: Cozy outfit.These little things I recently picked up while shopping with my mom. That beautiful lace bra was on sale at Anthropologie, and the socks + cutesy little button up shorts are from Madewell. That caramel colored cardigan is from H&M.
Another thing I love is the light that streams through my window in the afternoon. I place my plants right on the window sill so they can soak up the light and hopefully not die. Sunday is definitely the perfect day for taking care of house plants!

I've finished up all my work, so now it's time to cleanse and just take a breather and lay in bed. This weekend was a little bit crazy, and last night we were out way too late (Halloween celebrations of course!) and I feel like I just want to make mac and cheese and watch Youtube videos (which I will probably do). I did make a smoothie (with bananas, frozen strawberries + raspberries, yogurt, chia seeds, almond milk, honey) to nurture me back to life. It is another really good Sunday thing to make something healthy that's packed with nutrients, you'll feel so good about yourself afterwards!
I will also probably do a facial and make some green tea tonight. Halloween movies are almost over and we must take advantage! That's my Sunday, how do you spend yours?

an autumn update

Hi everyone! I just felt like doing a post of what's been going on lately. I am currently home home because of a dentist appointment (how glamorous) but it is seriously so nice seeing my family, my pup, and the beautiful Autumn trees that you don't really get to see in New York City. I'm only spending a day here, but it's already been really nice and relaxing. I, of course, couldn't resist going outside and taking pictures of all the foliage.

Just in case, I'm wearing a Free People turtleneck and navy coat! Last night I went to Freeman's in Soho with my love for their book launch! I couldn't resist taking pictures. Seriously, the interior at Freeman's is everything I want my future home to be. During Halloween it has such beautiful witchy, apothecary vibes. Absolutely stunning.

If you ever find yourself in Soho, go down the alley right across from Green Fingers Market on Rivington. You'll stumble upon this little nook adorned with lights and plants and be immediately entranced in entering. The second floor has beautiful, vintage lights, shelves full of books, and cozy velvet armchairs and wooden tables. We had a whiskey cocktail and enjoyed the ambiance, the company, and their delicious food.

It's been a really wonderful week and I'm looking forward to this weekend! Adam and I decided we are being old people for Halloween. I'm sure there will be a bunch of hilarious photos of us on my Twitter (@nycbambii) in case you want to follow along, or on my Instagram story (@nycbambi).

I also just wanted to say thank you all so much for your positive comments on my social media accounts, especially on Youtube! It means the world. I'm not sure if I'll make a new video for next week, I'm sort of blanking on ideas at the moment, but I'll be updating on the rest of my pages, as always :-) Love y'all and again thank you for all your support always. Talk soon!


tuned down flapper

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you a sort of funky yet really cool look I've been playing around with and ended up falling in love with. I was gifted this amazing white-tassled skirt and it got me thinking, what is a different way I could style it that is casual, comfortable, yet goes perfectly with this Autumn weather? This is what I came up with...

I thought that an oversized sweater that would drape over it yet still compliment it would be the best way to go. I paired it with a simple bag and brown ankle boots! The sweater is from Free People and the boots are by Doc Marten!

This beautiful skirt is from Art Department, a super-chic company with really nice designs with a modern approach. Here is the link to their site!
@artdeptclothing / @umbrellalosangeles

I know this outfit was so simple but I just love how the skirt adds so much texture and playful-ness to it. I definitely want to start incorporating some unique pieces in my wardrobe, and I think this was definitely the first piece for me! Add tights, or even sparkly tights, in case it is really chilly and you need an extra layer. A white tee and leather jacket with black ankle boots would also look great with this! I really hope you like and got inspired by this outfit!


5 halloween ideas

Hi friends!! So obviously Halloween is around the corner and I still have no idea what I'm being. This is a familiar pattern every year and I find myself, two nights before Halloween, frantically searching ideas on Pinterest that are cute but not too risqué. I found a little inspiration and decided I would hatch up 5 simple Halloween ideas for you guys! I found these all from normal clothes online, so hopefully you could burrow through your closet too and not have to spend so much to try to and recreate these looks.

1 / a fawn
Okay, maybe I'm a little biased because I was a deer last year, but I still think this costume is so darn cute. All you need is brown layers, some antlers, and brown boots! The outfit is simple, but the tricky part might be the makeup. But if I could do it myself, you definitely can too. Plus there are tons of tutorials online that can really help. Gist is for makeup: long, bambi-like lashes, freckles, and a white nose.

2 / a ring leader
This is definitely the sexiest look out of all of them, but I think if you're going to a club or going to a crazy party that this could be really fun. If you're not comfortable with a red bodysuit, a white/red tee would go perfectly fine too. Think a little on the military side, add some maryjanes, a fedora, and a whip (you know that one you have just lying around...hahahaha literally a black rope would do fine, or you don't even need a prop if it will get annoying), and you're good to go. Adding red lipstick and curling your hair might also enhance this costume.

3 / a sailor
When creating this outfit, I got major Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger vibes. I think this would be the easiest look to create out of your own closet and this is also perfect if you want to look apart of Halloween but not too cheesy yet still fashionable. For this look I think the most important pieces are striped trousers, a lieutenant hat, and a military/sailor jacket. The gloves, red lipstick, and choker are just little touches you can add if you want to spice it up. Swap out the pants for striped shorts if you're going to a hot, crowded club.

4 / pulp fiction
I know this is soooo typical, but if you're literally digging through your draws on Halloween Eve dying for a costume, Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is extremely simple to recreate. All you need is black trousers, flats, and a white button up. You don't even need a wig, just tuck your hair (if it's long) and spray it black for a night. Add red lips and a cigarette for a defined look.

5 / a flapper

I've always wanted to be a flapper for Halloween, it's just so Gatsby and Roaring 20's-esque, of course. This one might be the hardest since you really might have to scrounge around a vintage shop or on Etsy to find a sparkly dress and headpiece...a little planning is definitely involved. If it's too much, just go for a long, boxy dress and vintage looking heels with fishnets or skin colored stockings. Adding feathers and even more sparkles or a boa will help really get this look across :-) 


That's it! I really, really hoped this helped even though I know they are very typical ideas! I decided I just wanted to put my own spin on it and see how I would create these if I had to deal with my own closet/resources. Let me know what you're being this Halloween, or if these looks inspired you! I'd love to hear it. 


the perfect autumn drink

Hello!! On a rainy day like today, there is nothing more perfect than cuddling in bed, cracking a window, and reading a book while sipping on your cinnamon-pumpkin-apple-spice drink. This week was grocery shopping week for me, and I've been craving an Autumn-inspired drink that I could make in the morning without delaying my routine. So, I picked up some cinnamon and whipped cream. This drink looks way more elaborate than it is...I promise. This recipe is basically cheating. But, I will show you it anyway because I know we all want to Instagram a cute drink this season okay?

The only ingredients you need...
1. Coffee (or a pumpkin spice/hazelnut coffee of your choice)
2. Whipped cream
3. Cinnamon

So, all there is for your first step is to make your typical cup of coffee! Or you can spice it up a little bit (Trader Joe's has amazing pumpkin coffee mixes, or add hazelnut/apple spice creamer to make it taste even more fall-ish). And, once it has cooled a bit, take your whipped cream and add tons to the top. It will melt a little so make sure you go fast and pile it on! Don't be alarmed if it turns into foam, it tastes delicious. And then, sprinkle your cinnamon on top! Voila, that's it! It looks adorable, Autumn-y, yet tastes like your perfect, original cup of morning coffee.

And that's it! I truly hope you guys enjoyed this super simple recipe...hopefully I will be expanding my horizons as October winds out and November kicks in. But, since this is the first year of me literally having my own kitchen and I have just begun experimenting with food/drink, this will have to do! I honestly think it is perfectly yummy and gets you right in the mood for a Halloween movie. 

I hope you all are having a beautiful October and let me know what your favorite recipes/foods are for this Autumn season! 


latest inspirations

Hi everyone! I was feeling very creative this morning but wanted to do something a little bit different. I just wanted to catch up and talk about what's been making me tick lately...from homewares, fashion, and other random little things. Obviously my style hasn't really changed, which I love because it truly allows me to know what I like and what inspires me. October has me so in love too. So, without further ado, here are the little things that have my heart as of late...
You all know how much I love industrial/warm style. Though it's literally 2 years away, Adam and I keep thinking about how we're going to transform his apartment to perfection. It's going to be brown-toned, warm, with tons of textures and plants and vintage touches. It's amazing how Adam and I have the same style--I can't wait for the day we can live together and decorate. Naturally I've already been planning and making Pinterest boards.

Fashion has been really fun lately because the weather is finally chilling down and I can wear jackets, cardigans, even scarves. Must have colors include...mustard, caramel-brown, grey, black, white, and dark green. Those are basically my go-to colors always, but in the Autumn they always look so beautiful with the changing leaves and gloomier weather. Also, I love how everything is a bit military/tomboy-esque. I will definitely be channeling those vibes when dressing this season!
Lastly, I just wanted to share a couple of things on my wish list. Brown thigh-high boots, a plaid blazer, more skincare and candles and some home touches. These will definitely take time to actually purchase if I decide I want to go ahead and do so, but I just love putting together my thoughts and seeing what I'm thinking about! 

I really hope you guys liked this and it gave you some fall inspiration :") tell me, what have you been thinking about this month? I'd love to know!


a little bit of nak-ed

As the weather really cools down and starts to get brisk here in NYC, I can't wait to bring out my cozy sweaters, thick knits, and scarves. Recently the brand Na-kd sent gifts over to me; compiling of beautiful coats, trousers, and the most perfect and comfortable tops. Naturally, I couldn't wait to put them on and photograph them for y'all. Here is the post ♡

Check out their site: na-kd.com (linked here)! And I got you guys covered--get a 20% discount when you use the code 'NYCbambi20'! It is valid for 24 hours and there is free shipping worldwide :-) for more coverage go to my Instagram and Instagram story (@nycbambi)

Really hope you guys liked! Thanks so much for your constant sweet support. I love you!


free people x nycbambi

Hi guys! So today I wanted to share with you a really lovely photoshoot I did with Free People photographed by Amanda Goon. Of course we picked the West Village to be our backdrop (sometimes I feel like I live there...not complaining). We photographed the pieces they sent over and had an amazing time walking out of brownstones, dancing in the empty streets, and admiring the environment around us...all the while in the most gorgeous Free People pieces ever. Here are the photos!

Outfit 1:  Top / Jeans / Lack of Color Hat / Urban polka-dot scarf / Ralph Lauren bag / Shoes
Outfit 2:  Sweater / Pants / Shoes

And thank you to Amanda Goon for running around with me!

I really hope you guys liked these and I can't wait to shoot more with Amanda as well as with Free People! All the pieces are linked above. Let me know what else you'd like to see here! Talk soon :-)