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the perfect autumn drink

Hello!! On a rainy day like today, there is nothing more perfect than cuddling in bed, cracking a window, and reading a book while sipping on your cinnamon-pumpkin-apple-spice drink. This week was grocery shopping week for me, and I've been craving an Autumn-inspired drink that I could make in the morning without delaying my routine. So, I picked up some cinnamon and whipped cream. This drink looks way more elaborate than it is...I promise. This recipe is basically cheating. But, I will show you it anyway because I know we all want to Instagram a cute drink this season okay?

The only ingredients you need...
1. Coffee (or a pumpkin spice/hazelnut coffee of your choice)
2. Whipped cream
3. Cinnamon

So, all there is for your first step is to make your typical cup of coffee! Or you can spice it up a little bit (Trader Joe's has amazing pumpkin coffee mixes, or add hazelnut/apple spice creamer to make it taste even more fall-ish). And, once it has cooled a bit, take your whipped cream and add tons to the top. It will melt a little so make sure you go fast and pile it on! Don't be alarmed if it turns into foam, it tastes delicious. And then, sprinkle your cinnamon on top! Voila, that's it! It looks adorable, Autumn-y, yet tastes like your perfect, original cup of morning coffee.

And that's it! I truly hope you guys enjoyed this super simple recipe...hopefully I will be expanding my horizons as October winds out and November kicks in. But, since this is the first year of me literally having my own kitchen and I have just begun experimenting with food/drink, this will have to do! I honestly think it is perfectly yummy and gets you right in the mood for a Halloween movie. 

I hope you all are having a beautiful October and let me know what your favorite recipes/foods are for this Autumn season! 


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  1. Sounds delicious! Beautiful photos, too!