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new years outfit inspiration

Hi guys! So I wanted to do another little outfits post because I know you guys really like them and I definitely wanted to get a post up this week because I've been so in that holiday laziness! I will definitely be back on my grind soon, but I'm just waiting to settle back into my apartment and feel my usual New York City inspiration. But anyway,  here are some New Years Outfits I've thought up!

I thought up this one for those who are maybe going to a nice dinner or party, where champagne and drinks are involved but you still want to be classy and sophisticated. I would really recommend a flowy dress paired with a sparkly bag and tights to get that classic New Years glitter vibe.

This outfit was inspired by a night of clubbing and being with friends with cocktails and confetti. Sparkly dress, tights, sweet heels. I would also recommend a crossbody bag so you can keep it with you all night yet still be able to dance and kiss strangers and not worry about a thing.

This one is for those who are just having a night in with their loves or cozy by themselves with face masks, champagne, and Chinese food. Honestly I think this is the option that I am going for. Pajamas, thick socks, and watching the New Years events on tv.

Link to my Polyvore here.


Whether you decide to go out or stay in, I really hope all of your New Years are exactly what you want them to be and that everyone is stays safe! So much love to all of you! I believe Adam and I are just going to stay in and do that channel that 'night in' set. What do you plan on doing? 


a french holiday

I know the holidays have only just begun, but when my amazing friend Hannah came to New York this week, we just got majorly inspired to do a 'after holiday blues' sort of photoshoot, featuring some beautiful For Love & Lemons pieces from Planet Blue. There is something so charming about waking up with glitter on your face, in last night's heels, after celebrating the New Year and friends and family. I'm definitely a sucker when it comes to the classic glitz and glamour of the holidays, and we were also majorly inspired by French style. What else is new.

Paired with: Topshop beret, Asos fishnet tights, Asos heels
When we get together, Hannah and I literally just go crazy with photos and everything, it makes me feel so happy and inspired. Check out her Instagram, it's amazing. I really hope you guys liked these photos too! I'm leaving for home tomorrow and I could not be more excited. Of course I love New York but I need to decompress a little bit. The crowds have been really making me tired and I can't wait for my pup, my sister, my friends, and my love all celebrating the holidays together. I definitely want to do a post about what I want to accomplish in 2017 also. That will definitely be up on this blog soon! Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see also :-) 

Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday and let me know what your plans are ❤︎ I always love reading through your comments, they make me so happy.


me and him

On a crisp December day my love and I waited in the West Village, giddy with excitement and nerves. I have always wanted to take cute "aesthetic" photos with him since all I had were terrible selfies and Snapchat filters, so you could understand my frustration when I couldn't post those since I have such a strict Instagram (by choice hehe). We were waiting for our amazing photographer, Benjamin Patch, to come and photograph us wandering around and exchanging sweet, corny kisses. Tessa joined us as well and we basically had a photography party filled with laughs and lots of love. Photographs aside, I do want to talk about love for a little bit.

I do like keeping my personal life private because I feel like that is such a precious gem to find nowadays. Of course I love sharing my excitement and thrills of being in love with you guys, especially since I never had any real boyfriends before this (also, how cringy is the word boyfriend). But there's also something so romantic and charming about a little mystery. I will tell you that his name is Adam and we met a little more than a year ago when I moved to the city for school. I was always too scared and too shy in front of men, but he made me feel oddly comfortable. I already knew that was some sort of sign. We are seriously so silly and all we do is laugh and I've never found something that makes me feel so whole

 I honestly have always thought that I wouldn't really find someone--because of my shyness and timidness and how I was so comfortable being alone. And, as always being an independent person, it wasn't really easy to adapt to someone being so involved in a life that yes, I share over social media, but never truly shared with someone else. It was always my little hobby that I would come home to and lock myself away and work and be happy. I didn't realize that the only thing that could make me happier than that was sharing it with someone. I cannot explain the joy I feel when he points something out that I would take a photo of, or how he smiles whenever I scream about cute plants or a fluffy, over-the-top coat.

I got seriously lucky. I really did. And love really does always happen when you're least expecting it. It wasn't until I settled with myself, until I said 'you're fine without a boy', is when I got that first email from him (yes, email...it's a long story). It truly taught me that you must be happy with yourself in order to find happiness with another person. If you feel like you're never going to fall in love, fall in love with yourself first. I know it sounds cheesy, but I promise you it will make a difference.

Though I know this was very different, I really hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to talk about relationships more, so let me know if you'd be interested in that too. And, of course, a GINORMOUS thank you to Benjamin for photographing us in the bitter cold yet making the photos look so unbelievably beautiful. Please check out his work guys, it is truly amazing and will want to make you get married right now (not even kidding). 


holiday outfits

Hi guys! I wanted to put some looks together inspired by this festive season. I wanted to help out in case you were struggling with what to wear to that awkward family party, a casual night, or crazy formal dinner. I was really inspired by simplicity, delicate fabrics, and an overall sort of trendy, menswear style! Really hope you like!

formal dinner party
a nice family dinner
a friends house

I really hope you liked these! If you want to know details, you can go to my Polyvore linked here. And, as always, tell me what your favorite look was or what you plan on wearing this holiday! I would love to know. I really want to do a winter lookbook soon, but it might have to wait after all my school craziness dies down. Thank you guys for always supporting me and sticking with me! X


a cuddly day

This morning I woke up to a cloudy, chilly day and immediately decided in my head that this would be a day of relaxation, warmth, coffee, and getting tiny things done. I wanted to water my plants, clean my room a bit, light some candles, and, of course, start studying for my finals next week. I wanted to be comfy & cute today, I was totally feeling a cardigan and overalls, and I just wanted to show you my cuddly outfit!

I got these amazing overalls & brown Lieutenant hat from Princess Polly. Check out their site linked here and I got a discount code for y'all! Enter CHRISTIE20 and it will give you 20% off at checkout!! Also, in case you wanted to stalk their cute Instagram, I linked that here

What do you wear for a cuddly day? I think I'm going to try and go to my favorite café to get some work done after all my little chores are finished. Happy Wednesday!


gift guide for her

Hi guys! It's finally getting Christmas-y on my blog today, woo! I seriously don't think I've ever enjoyed this season so much. I think watching Youtube videos and just browsing on social media has really given me so much inspiration for this time of year! I decorated my room (which you can see a video of here) and today I am doing a gift guide for moms, sisters, friends, and secret santas just to help and give inspiration for you who are struggling with gifts (I feel your pain!!)For the adults (mom, aunt, cousin): For some reason I really think that adults would really enjoy candles, or maybe more specifically a Diptyque/Jo Malone sort of fragrance for their homes. They are more on the expensive side so it can feel like you're gifting them something really special and "fancy", if you'd like to think of it that way, and also if they like that type of vibe! I adore how chic they look, and if you're mama is definitely one for having a nice, clean, aromatic home, this can definitely be something great for her. The candles could also be reused to look nice in a bathroom while still being useful. I would also recommend maybe a cute calendar or planner from Anthropologie if they like being organized, or a pair of fancy scissors for decorative or even real usage purposes. It is so hard to gift for adults because they obviously have a lot of things already, so I would really try to be different and think of something unique yet special. Candles, perfumes, a mug, a tea set, a robe, a spa get away, a cute/funny apron, can definitely be the way to go!For the sisters: For some reason I always gift my sister something from Lush, not only because she's obsessed with their bath bombs but also because they always have a cute holiday collection that is perfect for gifting. What could be better than getting a delicious-smelling bath bomb or facial?! Also, I think plants can be really cute as well, or maybe even artwork or cute decorations for their room. Urban Outfitters has amazing little gifts for decor. Just try to think cozy, artistic, creative, and what are they drawn to? I think soaps, Lush, plants, frames, decor accents, a record player, could be nice possible gifts to give a sis. 
Friends: I think when it comes to friends, the simpler the better. What about a nice bottle of wine or alcohol for their bar cart (if they can drink).  Or a Polaroid camera, a book of romantic poems, a nice cream or moisturizer, a calligraphy set, one of their favorite records that they don't yet have. A cozy sweater for the winter would be so nice too, or a pair of cute handmade mittens. Their favorite weird coffee or a French film. Again, you know them better than anyone so you know what makes them tick! These are just some outlines/ideas in case you're stuck and need to get your mind flowin'! Think music, polaroids, books, wine, sweaters, and accessories.-I seriously hope this gave you some inspiration for gift-giving to your favorite gals this holiday season. Let me know if maybe you want to see a guy version or maybe another sort of Christmas-inspired post? I am definitely in the spirit so I'm sure there will be another holiday post up soon! Hope you're all having so much fun shopping and that your holiday season has kicked off to a great start!