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gift guide for her

Hi guys! It's finally getting Christmas-y on my blog today, woo! I seriously don't think I've ever enjoyed this season so much. I think watching Youtube videos and just browsing on social media has really given me so much inspiration for this time of year! I decorated my room (which you can see a video of here) and today I am doing a gift guide for moms, sisters, friends, and secret santas just to help and give inspiration for you who are struggling with gifts (I feel your pain!!)For the adults (mom, aunt, cousin): For some reason I really think that adults would really enjoy candles, or maybe more specifically a Diptyque/Jo Malone sort of fragrance for their homes. They are more on the expensive side so it can feel like you're gifting them something really special and "fancy", if you'd like to think of it that way, and also if they like that type of vibe! I adore how chic they look, and if you're mama is definitely one for having a nice, clean, aromatic home, this can definitely be something great for her. The candles could also be reused to look nice in a bathroom while still being useful. I would also recommend maybe a cute calendar or planner from Anthropologie if they like being organized, or a pair of fancy scissors for decorative or even real usage purposes. It is so hard to gift for adults because they obviously have a lot of things already, so I would really try to be different and think of something unique yet special. Candles, perfumes, a mug, a tea set, a robe, a spa get away, a cute/funny apron, can definitely be the way to go!For the sisters: For some reason I always gift my sister something from Lush, not only because she's obsessed with their bath bombs but also because they always have a cute holiday collection that is perfect for gifting. What could be better than getting a delicious-smelling bath bomb or facial?! Also, I think plants can be really cute as well, or maybe even artwork or cute decorations for their room. Urban Outfitters has amazing little gifts for decor. Just try to think cozy, artistic, creative, and what are they drawn to? I think soaps, Lush, plants, frames, decor accents, a record player, could be nice possible gifts to give a sis. 
Friends: I think when it comes to friends, the simpler the better. What about a nice bottle of wine or alcohol for their bar cart (if they can drink).  Or a Polaroid camera, a book of romantic poems, a nice cream or moisturizer, a calligraphy set, one of their favorite records that they don't yet have. A cozy sweater for the winter would be so nice too, or a pair of cute handmade mittens. Their favorite weird coffee or a French film. Again, you know them better than anyone so you know what makes them tick! These are just some outlines/ideas in case you're stuck and need to get your mind flowin'! Think music, polaroids, books, wine, sweaters, and accessories.-I seriously hope this gave you some inspiration for gift-giving to your favorite gals this holiday season. Let me know if maybe you want to see a guy version or maybe another sort of Christmas-inspired post? I am definitely in the spirit so I'm sure there will be another holiday post up soon! Hope you're all having so much fun shopping and that your holiday season has kicked off to a great start!


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  1. Love this post lady, can never go wrong with candles and that polaroid camera is so fun! I would love to see more Christmassy posts from you! <3

    Lauren Rose