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fall haul

Hello! Between Saturday and yesterday, I did some damage in Soho. I haven't gone splurge shopping in a while and I figured now was the best time since classes did start today, and the fall season is coming up!!!!! Aka I need to get as many camel shirts and turtleneck sweaters and hefty pairs of jeans as I can. I broke it up into two parts so you would be able to see the items better. Things will be blurred about underneath :-)

Items starting on top left going clockwise: Urban Outfitters cropped striped sweater with mini turtleneck (navy & yellow). Camel-colored suede crop top. Levi's boyfriend jeans (will see more of soon). Topshop grey socks. Brandy Melville grey tank. Camel Aritzia high waisted pants. 

Items starting on top left going clockwise: Brandy Melville black tank dress. Urban Outfitters skin-toned dress. Urban Outfitters layered necklaces. (IKEA CLOCK-not new). Urban Outfitters black high waisted corduroy jeans. Brandy Melville tie-up black dress with collar (placed on the skin-toned dress). Brandy Melville grey tank. 

I also bought this cutie of a poster since it was on sale & I needed to cover up my walls. It reminds me of home, which I really like. 

So, like I said, today I had my first class and it went okay! The rest of the week is going to be hella busy (just settling into things) so I'm not too sure on how much I'll be able to update. Stick with me boos! After class I walked around a bit and got coffee at a really nice place. Now I'm just chilling and decided to photograph since now is the perfect time (even though this will be posted at night). Tonight I think I'm going into Greenwich Village with a friend (my favorite spot) to get dinner and probably coffee (again) afterwards. Tomorrow I have a huge day of classes, pray for me!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday's (sorry-that's a rare occasion) and if you're moving into college that it's going well :-) let me know!


the grand reveal

Hey boos! So as promised, here is the post that will feature how I decorated my dorm room!! It's still not fully complete yet (I want to add more decor to the walls) but for the most part this is what it's lookin' like as of now. Literally everything is from IKEA, with bits and bobs from Anthropologie / Home Goods / little things from home. Hope you guys like it :-)

Yeeees! So today was a very busy day for me, I went out for brunch with a friend and then got coffee with another (wtf is wrong with me) and then I went shopping a little bit, had dinner, did more shopping…and now we're back at the room so I can edit pictures for y'all! I'll be showing you the things I get tomorrow (more shopping) because I literally brought NOTHING with me here so I need to get some back to school shopping out of my system. Here's the pictures from coffee at my favorite spot ever, Saturday Surf NYC.

This is me trying to be incognito taking pictures while at a busy coffee shop.

Okay loves, talk to you soon, hope you enjoyed!



So it's currently 11pm and I am updating from my dorm room in NYC. I'm all moved in for the most part, and I will be taking more pictures of my dorm/making a video for you guys, I promise! Once classes start I'll be figuring out my schedule and I'll have much more free time to actually take photos and do what I want :') for now, stick with me through this orientation process. As some of you may have figured by now, I am now an official college freshman at a college in NYC (which you can ask me specifically where over message)!! It's been exciting, sort of nerve-wracking, but mostly really, really thrilling.

I have a feeling I'm going to be staying up later than I have been, drinking way more coffee than I should, and probably walking the city alone more than I would have thought, but I am way too excited for it all. Classes start on Monday so that means a new schedule, completely new routine…and all these other things. Like I said, I'll keep you guys updated, but for right now it'll just be me settling in! I'm starting a goals list and the future seems so bright. I really feel like I'm in the place that I'm meant to be in. I don't even feel scared anymore. I feel ready. 

I wanted to give you guys a little somethin' somethin' cause I've been 'dead' (well for me dead) these past few days. Just understand I've been moving in, having orientation all day long, and haven't got the time to do much of anything. I promise you, give me a week or two and that'll change. For now, please send me messages & let me know what you are all up to! Where are you going to school?? Anyone else in NYC……? Love you!!!!


hold your horses

Today was one of these days where my heart felt full. Between the rustic barns, the green grass, the mud scrunching (yes that's a word) between my rain boots, and the beautiful presence of the horses, I felt completely whole. Lately I've been getting a craving of just walking around by a barn in a long dress, with a horse by my side. Sounds way too sentimental and stupid, but this is truly how I feel. I can't believe I got the opportunity to do just that today.

 All these pieces are from Free People, courtesy of the babe @freepeopleparamus ♡ Thanks also to Amanda for taking these wonderful photos & to Kevin/George for letting me run around with the horsies for today ;-)

I can't tell you how beautiful these animals are guys. So peaceful, so loving, and even though they're intimidating as hell they completely mean well. I think I might be in love with them. Yupp guys, that's right, I fell in love with a horse.