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the room tour

Hello everybody! As many of you probably know by now, I moved to my own apartment in NYC. And though it's literally the second week of me being here, I already shoved in IKEA furniture, plants, and candles to make my space as 'me' as possible in a short amount of time. Basically, I wanted it to feel like home. And, like my previous room when I lived with my parents, I have my bed without a headboard, a desk area, cacti, and tons of Anthropologie candles and vintage pictures to complete my space and make it feel cozy. Without further ado, here's a peak into how I decorated it so far. Descriptions underneath to come.

The room as a whole...

INSPIRATION: crisp, all white. vintage photos. rose-gold touches. tons of greenery. old lightbulbs. fluffy white carpets. rustic.

This is obviously the area where I blog, sleep, and cuddle with my love. The nightstands are raw wood surfaced (from TJmaxx) and I wanted to keep my bed all white because it's always so cozy and clean. I tacked some of my favorite images from Tumblr above my bed to keep me inspired and to fill up that empty wall space. Yes, my walls are cream, but I don't really have any plans to change them to white because they basically look white (the editing made them more yellow-toned, I swear).

The beauty area...

INSPIRATION: wood. candles. perfumes & lotions. fern. vanity. mod chair. 

Instead of having an actual cluttered desk (like I had in my dorm and at home) I wanted a space where I could sit down and do my makeup in the morning...I stayed at a hotel and they had a legit vanity for me to do my makeup in, which then made me obsessed and wanting it ever since. This is where I can feel like a 'princess', but hopefully a rustic one (hahahaha). But seriously all jokes aside, I love this space and how it's right in front of the window which always makes for perfect makeup lighting.

The rest...
I still have touches to add. I have a rose-gold clothing rack that will be coming in the next 2 weeks and some matching, wire bins to store things. So it's not completely done! But I will be filming a video on my Youtube when it is to show you my room in it's entirety :-)

Here are some seriously genuine photos of me (without makeup, absolutely chilling in my private zone) because I wanted my room to be a place where I can read, embarrassingly dance, and be joyous because this has turned into my happy place.

Wearing: Sea Gypsies lace playsuit. Free People lieutenant hat.


my little chloé

Hi loves! Today I will be talking about the bag that has basically been in every single one of my photos this week...and stay tuned for a discount code!! It is a vintage Chloé from Trendlee and I am seriously in love with it's orange rust color, the beautiful chain strap, and gold, simple detailing. Chloé is my favorite designer and so I couldn't believe that I got the chance to wear one of their babies. I (shamefully) cried unwrapping it.

Wind + hair forever messing me up.

I mentioned Trendlee in my previous post, but basically they are an online shop where people can buy/sell their vintage designer goods for amazing prices. They have every designer possible; Gucci, Louis, even Hermes and Alexander Wang. Every style, every price, from new bags to perfectly classic, vintage ones. It's basically a platform where everyone can come together to scope out bags from all different designers and styles. What else could ya want? Check out their site here :-)

Post Details: Bag. Zara shoes & top. Nasty Gal jeans.

I also wanted to give you guys a discount code because I know that when you're splurging sometimes it can get out of hand...even though, I promise you, a perfect staple bag will always be worth it. Use the code "NYCBAMBI" to get a 5% discount -- use here.

That's all babes! I hope you liked and will think about buying your own staple bag. Trust me, I know you might think it's a splurge, but it's one that you will bring along with you for a lifetime.


free people global roaming...

Hi guys! Yesterday, Sunday, I had the ultimate pleasure for shooting with Free People featuring my beautiful Chloe bag from Trendlee. My love took the photographs and even though it was -2 degrees outside and partially raining it was so much fun and I was so happy that we found a beautiful, inspiring location. Below are the photos, and then I will chat more about the shoot :-)

Shop the Viola Dress

I fell in love with these dresses so much, I can't wait to whip them out when it's actually warm outside :-)

Extra details:
Outfit 1 - Luvaj earrings, Converse
Outfit 2 - Free People hat, Converse, bow choker from here

And now for my bag by Chloe...I'm going to have a post dedicated to it this week but I still wanted to mention it since it just pops so much in the photos!! Trendlee is a site that features amazing designer bags for less. You can shop their bags or even sell your own if you have some around that you don't use anymore. Shop more Chloe here. In my post this week I'll also be featuring a discount code, so stay tuned!! :-)

I hope you liked these pictures babes. Love you always


thank you

I've been feeling so overwhelmed with thanks and joy lately that I literally had to pour it out in a post. This year has been a rough one for me. Though it was the year I finally moved into NYC, attended fashion school, landed my dream job, and had so many opportunities through my blog, it was hard. Living in a dorm was not easy and it made me feel uninspired and depressed. Because of my environment that got no light and no extra space, making videos wasn't able to happen ever. Subways everyday made me feel bored and empty. Trying to balance school, working, and posting creative images made me feel so unbelievably stressed. I just felt like I hit a wall.

Now, I feel as if this is a new chapter in my life. I'm moving out of the dorm and into a white apartment with my own room and so close to everything I love that I don't even have to take the subway. It's going to be a space that I'm going to decorate myself and buy furniture for. My own space with natural light means (FINALLY) Youtube videos and photographing and so much more inspiration. There are future opportunities around the corner (that I can't tell of just yet). I finally feel that everything is settling into place--this is my time. This is going to be my year. To revamp and make up for being dead for the past couple of months and not posting like I used to. I can feel it in the core of my heart--which is why I feel so overwhelmed with thanks and joy.

So, from the bottom of my Bambi heart, thank you. For still sticking with me even though I really slacked off due to overwhelmed feelings, an unbelievably difficult transition in my life, and a truly empty period of time. I have transitioned, I have accepted, and beautiful things are now coming. I can't wait for you all to come along on this wonderful, new adventure with me ♡