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my little chloé

Hi loves! Today I will be talking about the bag that has basically been in every single one of my photos this week...and stay tuned for a discount code!! It is a vintage Chloé from Trendlee and I am seriously in love with it's orange rust color, the beautiful chain strap, and gold, simple detailing. Chloé is my favorite designer and so I couldn't believe that I got the chance to wear one of their babies. I (shamefully) cried unwrapping it.

Wind + hair forever messing me up.

I mentioned Trendlee in my previous post, but basically they are an online shop where people can buy/sell their vintage designer goods for amazing prices. They have every designer possible; Gucci, Louis, even Hermes and Alexander Wang. Every style, every price, from new bags to perfectly classic, vintage ones. It's basically a platform where everyone can come together to scope out bags from all different designers and styles. What else could ya want? Check out their site here :-)

Post Details: Bag. Zara shoes & top. Nasty Gal jeans.

I also wanted to give you guys a discount code because I know that when you're splurging sometimes it can get out of hand...even though, I promise you, a perfect staple bag will always be worth it. Use the code "NYCBAMBI" to get a 5% discount -- use here.

That's all babes! I hope you liked and will think about buying your own staple bag. Trust me, I know you might think it's a splurge, but it's one that you will bring along with you for a lifetime.



  1. Just found you through your Youtube. I need to check out that website :) I love the bag and how it looks very old fashion and the orange rust color. It's a very chic bag, and I totally get why you use it for most of your outfits!


  2. Omg in love with the bag!!

  3. Ugh, love your bag!