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the best birthday

Hi pups! So most of you may have known that it was my birthday on Friday, June 17th, just because I couldn't stop posting photographs with the birthday balloon emoji. It was seriously one of the most beautiful birthdays I've ever had, all thanks to my love, Adam. I decided I wanted to stay in NYC for my birthday just because...why not celebrate with my most favorite person in my most favorite city? Without further ado, I want to show you everything we did. And how beautiful he made it for me. So lucky.

So first stop, as you would probably predict, it was The Standard for breakfast outside in their garden. Adam was of course healthy, but I couldn't resist in ordering the blueberry lemon pancakes. They're whole wheat okay?!?!?!

Being a diva with coffee & sunglasses from & Other Stories.

After breakfast, we decided to venture around the meat packing district/Greenwich since they're so close to each other and they're my favorite parts of the city. He got me a bouquet of flowers and we continued venturing, picking out our future brownstone (or shall I say I was the annoying one saying 'BOO WE MUST GET THIS' after each apartment we passed with vines or a beautiful wooden door.)

My birthday outfit was as so -- Free People polka dot dress, Steve Madden sandals, Ralph Lauren bag, Nomadic Store necklace.

After getting lemonade in Soho, Adam surprised me with the lunch spot. Even weirder? When we passed it on our way to get lemonade I said, "Oh my God, Laduree!" hence his laughter when we stumbled upon it again. I was so shocked because I didn't even know they had an actual restaurant, tucked behind the usual cafe/macaron area. It was beautiful.

I can't even tell you how many glasses of champagne I had on my birthday. Okay wait, just 2. But still that felt like a lot to me!! We both got caesar salads, mine with chicken and his with lobster because he's sophisticated. Then, of course, we got macarons. The rose water one I died over. Mmmmmm.

Next was shopping in Soho. Adam really really wanted to get me a nice bag and though I'm content with the ones I had, going to All Saints on your birthday really makes you feel princess-y. So I said fine. And splurged. We also went to Reformation and picked up one piece.

I plan on showing all the items I got on my birthday in a Youtube video, so for now I will just have to tease you with the bags! 

Then it was bike-riding time! I've always dreamt of getting a vintage bike with a basket. And these came pretty darn close. We went to the West Side and biked along the water. It was so romantic and blissfully perfect.

After bike riding for almost two hours, we decided it was time to return the bikes and get drinks. Unfortunately then my phone died, so I wasn't able to capture the rest of the night. Which ended up being okay because most of the places we went to didn't have great lighting. Even though I would love to share they're beauty with you :'( 

We got drinks on a rooftop bar with an old train track and tons of plants. Adam knows me so well hahahaha. But seriously, it was beautiful. I got champagne and he got one of his cucumber drinks and we just stood up there and talked. I couldn't stop thanking him for this beautiful day.

After drinks for an hour, Adam surprised me yet again with dinner at literally one of my favorite places in New York City, Spice Market. It was so delicious and we stayed there for two hours, just eating and drinking white wine and talking. It was seriously gorgeous and delicious. Definitely recommend!

Then we headed back to my place and called it a beautiful day. I cannot thank Adam enough for giving me the most perfect birthday. And cannot thank you guys enough for sending me amazing birthday messages/wishes that made it even more beautiful. I appreciate them all so, so much. I seriously feel so blessed.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Love all the photos and can't wait to see what you got at all saints.

  2. my birthday is also june 17th !
    your post is so cool, as usual :)


  3. Sounds so perfect! You looked beautiful as always xx

  4. super late to the post but this was so incredibly sweet! Adam is such a true blue romantic--you can tell he loves you to pieces just by the restaurants and activities he chooses, the boy knows you well. All I want in life is an "Adam" that's half as lovely as yours and bff as great as you! Happy late birthday!

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