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Hi! Today I had the pleasure of trying on + shooting with Wildfox. I've been such a fan of them for ages and I absolutely adore their quirky style with vibrant colors and prints galore. I tried on some of my favorite pieces and snapped away in the comforts of my room, blasting new Strokes music and taking iPad selfies...

You guys know how I obviously am obsessed with cacti/succulents, so when I saw this tshirt, I practically screamed. I can't wait to wear this in public. Get here.

I've literally admired this sweater for years. I just love the messy, cozy, you've snuggled with it so much it's falling apart look. And the huge stars and obnoxious red color. In love. Get here.

Paired with white undergarments/bikini, I cannot wait to wear this on the beach when I'm tired of the sun yet don't want to look like a washed up sandcastle. And it's unbelievably comfy. Get here.


I hope you liked this little try on/lazy photoshoot. Check out Wildfox here and stay tuned for more blogposts, photos, and videos!!



  1. This succulent t-shirt is PERFECTION haha!

    x Rona from DIYrona

  2. Love all the things! So cute photos! Kisses

  3. Loved everything... like usual.

  4. This ...... :) Love everything about this post!
    Your blog is awesome xxxx