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summer essentials

Hi my loves! Today I wanted to give you a little tidbits on what I'm planning for my 'summer wardrobe'. As each season passes, new trends come about and though I did try to channel some of that, I really just thought of the vibes I was truly feeling in my heart. Things I would wear on a warm night out to sit outside and eat mac and cheese on the streets of NYC, or if I were to somehow go on a sandy beach getaway with 3 things in my bag. These are the items that played along with those summer daydreams.

I'm not making the transformation into a girly-girl per say, but I would definitely agree with that summer just makes us all feel so much more féminin. If you'd like to know where all these pieces are (also for the upcoming outfits) you can head over to my Polyvore and each item will be linked if you click on the set!

Here are some outfits that go along with the summer inspiration...

I really hope you guys liked and it gave you some inspiration :") tell me which look is your favorite, and what you're planning on wearing this summer!



  1. Great essentials! I'm in love with your blog, so good! Kisses


  2. I love your little outfits :) Especially the trousers in the last outfit. The color is so stunning. xoxo

  3. All the looks are beautiful, I'm especially loving the "Summer in Denial" one. Unfortunately because I live in Australia I will rugging up in layers in an attempt to keep warm whilst dreaming of A holiday some place where it's Summer. x Nicole

  4. I agree, my style definitely becomes more feminine in the summer. I love the dress in Miss Interior Designer!


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