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the room tour

Hello everybody! As many of you probably know by now, I moved to my own apartment in NYC. And though it's literally the second week of me being here, I already shoved in IKEA furniture, plants, and candles to make my space as 'me' as possible in a short amount of time. Basically, I wanted it to feel like home. And, like my previous room when I lived with my parents, I have my bed without a headboard, a desk area, cacti, and tons of Anthropologie candles and vintage pictures to complete my space and make it feel cozy. Without further ado, here's a peak into how I decorated it so far. Descriptions underneath to come.

The room as a whole...

INSPIRATION: crisp, all white. vintage photos. rose-gold touches. tons of greenery. old lightbulbs. fluffy white carpets. rustic.

This is obviously the area where I blog, sleep, and cuddle with my love. The nightstands are raw wood surfaced (from TJmaxx) and I wanted to keep my bed all white because it's always so cozy and clean. I tacked some of my favorite images from Tumblr above my bed to keep me inspired and to fill up that empty wall space. Yes, my walls are cream, but I don't really have any plans to change them to white because they basically look white (the editing made them more yellow-toned, I swear).

The beauty area...

INSPIRATION: wood. candles. perfumes & lotions. fern. vanity. mod chair. 

Instead of having an actual cluttered desk (like I had in my dorm and at home) I wanted a space where I could sit down and do my makeup in the morning...I stayed at a hotel and they had a legit vanity for me to do my makeup in, which then made me obsessed and wanting it ever since. This is where I can feel like a 'princess', but hopefully a rustic one (hahahaha). But seriously all jokes aside, I love this space and how it's right in front of the window which always makes for perfect makeup lighting.

The rest...
I still have touches to add. I have a rose-gold clothing rack that will be coming in the next 2 weeks and some matching, wire bins to store things. So it's not completely done! But I will be filming a video on my Youtube when it is to show you my room in it's entirety :-)

Here are some seriously genuine photos of me (without makeup, absolutely chilling in my private zone) because I wanted my room to be a place where I can read, embarrassingly dance, and be joyous because this has turned into my happy place.

Wearing: Sea Gypsies lace playsuit. Free People lieutenant hat.



  1. Forever my favourite blogger! Will be anxiously awaiting your room tour! This made me so excited to move in to my own space one day... Ahhhh

  2. Your bedroom is so nice, love it!

  3. I´m in love with your room! I can´t wait to have my own house/apartment and decorate it:D super jealous!

  4. Love the way you styled your room x


  5. Love all of these pictures so much and you're room is so simple yet so elegant! What camera do you use to take these photos? xx

  6. I adore this post so much ! and I adore you, you fabulous person <3 I would absolutely die if you would check out my blog ? I just started one and you helped inspire me to :) xxx https://fallingfairie.wordpress.com/

  7. Do you attend NYU? Im thinking of applying and would really love to have your opinion of college life in the city, making friends, the social scene ect.

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