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Though I love vacation, there's something beautiful about coming home after a long trip and having the comforts of your apartment feel like a much needed hug...

I missed my little velvet couch and the random strands of stems I have in jars. I missed the warmth and the magazines stacked on the marble table. I missed the city sounds keeping me up at night. Even though I was gone for 4 days, it's crazy how much I appreciate my space when I come home. I am so happy that I have created an apartment that I miss after a while. That is not easy to do, so I honestly feel proud. 

I will definitely do a post about my trip to Jamaica, but for right now I'm just appreciating being home. I always miss New York, no matter where I am. Adam and I are going to have a Brooklyn day, and I need to go get ready, but just wanted to share these gritty and blurry photos with you. The bag on the chair is by Rylan Studio and it is my new favorite. Again, will have a traveling post up soon for sure. Love you.


  1. Such a lovely cozy home!



  2. Your house is so cozy!

  3. I love your apartment. Where is your tray on the living room table from?

  4. Goals in every sense. I hope to have a cute lil house/apartment like yours one day. So stylish and cozy it actually makes me so happy lol. You should totally make a lil magazine with all of your house photos/tips and finds! Ooo, can't wait to hear about JA!

    1. Awwww omg this comment made me so happy! Thank you so much! My dream is to have a book one day...so maybe that can be a section...