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new in: art

"The perfect way to top off any room is with art."

I have been searching for the perfect art piece for the living room and finally found it, thanks to Cate Adriana. She does wonderful, minimalist works that fit in just right with my style and also with the tones of the room. I could probably hang it, but since I won't be in this space forever, I figured leaning would work perfectly well for now (professional art hack). Though the living room is still a bit bare, this was the step to give it just that much more umph. Also, now I can have dinner parties and we can, very intelligently, converse over wine about this artwork. 

I got that baby print framed as well, which I purchased from the Undone. In my next place I will style it differently, but for now it sits leaning on top of a collection of my favorite magazines. I love the simplicity of it and the way sunlight hits it at the right times in the morning.  
My last new in artwork is another that is extremely dear to my heart. Artist A. Kieffer gifted it to me and it is part 3 out of the 22 artworks she has done. Again, it has that minimalist yet artistic vibe that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.
This one leans on my nightstand table, amongst perfume bottles and candles. An amazing plus is that this artwork came framed, which (trust me) is a life savor. It's so beautiful and I could not have picked out a better frame to compliment the work myself. Check out all of the artists and stores I mentioned, especially if you want contemporary and simplistic designs. More interiors posts coming soon! 


  1. I love your pieces!!

  2. Such lovely art pieces, love your space too! So cozy and dreamy!



  3. Beautiful pieces - absolutely love your eye for aesthetics whether it's interiors, style or a good looking fringe!

    Elisha-Mae | www.elisha-mae.co.uk

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