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belmto x nycbambi

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share with you an amazingly exciting collaboration--I photographed some pieces by the beautiful Belmto brand and it got me in a spring kick. White dresses, net bags, oranges, cat-eye sunglasses, and simple gold details were the inspiration behind this shoot. Really hope you like it!

Details: Belmto
Chloe Dress
Fishnet Bag
Moon Barrette

Black Eyewear Billie Sunglasses
Cinco Store Coin Necklace

Make sure to check out Belmto's shop & Instagram. They are seriously so inspiring. Also I will be doing a mini interview over on their site, so make sure to stay tuned for that!


my top 5 skincare products at the moment

Hi guys! As you know I am always experimenting with skincare. I just love trying different products and I sort of get restless when I have the same skincare regimen over and over again. I guess, as a way to shake up things in my life and to not fall into a mundane routine, I turn to changing my skincare. I recently got the question 'what are your top 5 favorite skincare products?' and even though I did a master post about my ultimate favorite skincare, I decided I should probably give it an update and let you know what I've been using (and loving) recently!

P.S. I have 'normal' type skin

I recently purchased this product on a whim at Sephora and instantly fell in love. I can't even tell you how amazing it makes my skin feel. And, of course, I am a sucker for rose scents (but it's not too heavy, like a light rose water aroma). I use this after using a makeup removing wipe to actually cleanse my face and get into those pores to remove dirt and any other makeup still on my face. It foams up and you feel instantly fresh (pardon the pun).

I purchased this in Paris just because I wanted to try some French skincare since I've heard amazing reviews! I use this after my cleanser as a toner and it feels soooo nice on my skin. It's refreshing and extremely gentle. If you have sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend. I use a cotton ball and softly apply it all over my face.#3 -- Aesop Makeup Remover
I use this to remove my eye makeup and it works wonderfully. By now you guys might be thinking, how many products do you use to take off your makeup??? I know. And honestly I'm not even a heavy makeup or a makeup person in general, I just love cleansing it off my skin. It's like I'm clearing away the day. I'm also a little bit anal when it comes to sleeping--I cannot have an ounce of makeup on my face, which is why I go crazy with making sure it's all off. I use this solution on a cotton ball and gently wipe my eyes. Mascara and eyeliner literally vanishes in a second with this makeup remover.#4 -- Mullein & Sparrow Balancing Face Mist
I spray this on my face once I get out of a shower and whenever I need a refreshing pick-me-up. You guys know I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu's Rose Water face mist, and this is extremely similar to that. It just hydrates and helps your skin feel revitalized. It also has this amazing, herbal scent to it that I love.#5 -- Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
Honestly, I'm not going to talk too much about this one because every skincare post I do includes this product. It's just seriously amazing. I apply it to my eyes at night and in the morning and it makes me feel so pure and so accomplished. I've never seen a product transform my terrible under eye circles quite like this one. Definitely a staple of mine forever.


That's it guys! I really hope you liked this and hope this helped in case you were thinking about trying some new products out. All are linked. Let me know what you'd like to see in the next couple of weeks! Would love to do more blogposts on here.


back to basics

Hi guys! I frequently get asked the question 'what are your wardrobe essentials?" and I was thinking about that question last night...and I was like why the heck haven't I done an updated essentials post??? I was basically kicking myself and I made it my #1 task on my to-do list to make that post today. So, here are my closet basics that I've been wearing out this winter!


I recently purchased this beauty because I realized there it was such a useful necessity. A white linen shirt is perfect for tucking into Levi's with a belt and white sneakers and calling it a day. Or you can turn it around and knot it at the back to make it look like it is a beautifully-detailed summer shirt. It can also be useful for a business meeting/interview. I definitely think it's wise to invest in a nice, white button up because it can last you forever.


I wear Levi's basically every day of the week. Once you find a good pair that you feel amazing in, literally nothing can stop you. I usually opt for black, high-waisted and a skinny fit. You can pair jeans with anything--a vintage t-shirt with a leather jacket or with a more feminine, lace top. The possibilities are endless. Usually these are the best to wear to class too because they are comfortable but I still feel fashionable/chic. My favorites are by ReDone (but I am biased because I collaborate with them) but I also found amazing, amazing Levi's just from vintage stores for $10. 


Of course a must, especially during winter, is a nice sweater to cuddle up in :') I love grey because it's such a nice color that goes with anything. I usually wear this sweater lazing around the apartment in leggings or with Levi's (surprise) when I'm going out. Oversized, cozy sweaters also look great with striped pants and ankle boots and tons of layers. I love putting a collared shirt underneath it too for an undone yet stylish look.


Another go-to for me is simple yet fun t-shirts and long sleeves. I've been loving this l'amant one from Sezane because I can pair it with anything (usually my black Levi's, a belt, a cardigan, heeled ankle boots, and a beret) and walk out the door. That striped shirt has also been one of my favorites...I've worn it probably 10 times by now and got it 2 weeks ago. It's just so comfy and easy. Definitely recommend vintage t-shirts/logo t-shirts/striped shirts because they're so simple yet can add to any outfit.
--ReDone T-shirt (the other two t-shirts are vintage from ReDone)


A trench coat is definitely one of my number one essentials for winter. I got this super oversized one from Zara and always throw it on for those super-cold days. It's so comfy and basically feels like a blanket. Trench coats/oversized coats can be thrown on with anything! I'm not even going to list options because anything can work ;-) 


Last but not least, accessories are an amazing way to add to any outfit too. These are some of my favorites. Adding a beret/hat instantly makes me feel better about myself (is that weird??). Also, I love wearing simple gold hoops because it is such a subtle yet chic accessory. Sunglasses and a nice staple bag always can help too :')I really hoped this helped you guys in narrowing down the must-have basics for your wardrobe! Of course we all have different styles and preferences so everyone's will differ, but I tried to make it as basic as possible! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these for every season! Much love to you guys!


some spring outfitting

Hi guys! As promised, I wanted to put up some spring-inspired outfits today because even though there is a snow storm we can all dream and try to get inspiration for the warm, beautiful, floral-y months ahead.

straw, lace, & white
White tops with delicate details. Clean lace. Oval, sassy sunglasses. Straw accessories.

a little bit of edge
Red accents. Pointy loafers. Black jean skirts. Gold accessories. Vintage t-shirts.

a little bit of fancy
Blush. Chanel-inspired shoes. Cat eye sunglasses. Ribbons.

Straw textures. White sneakers. Gold framed glasses. Neutral tones.

And that's it! Because this is early I'm sure I'll have another one of these posts in the works once spring arrives. If you want to know where anything is from in each of the sets, you can go to my Polyvore here and click on the outfit which will show you all of the details. Love you guys and let me know which outfit is your favorite!


the spring issue

Even though it is frigidly cold in New York City, I have been cleaning and organizing through my closets and revamping my room to make way for the upcoming Spring season. I am so, so excited, mainly because Spring is like a time of rebirth; everyone crawls out of their New York City caves, restaurants move seating outside into the sun, and it can finally be time to whip out backless loafers, purely white, ruffled shirts, and cutesy dresses. Though we still have ways to go, this upcoming shift has me feeling inspired. Today I bought some flowers while grocery shopping, changed my sheets, and I finally feel fresh again.

Also, yes I bought those crazy shoes to inspire my spring wardrobe. I've honestly never bought a 'statement' pair of shoes before. I can't wait to bust them out when the weather becomes warmer. They are a metallic-y rose gold color and reflect sunlight like I've never seen a pair of shoes do before. No shoe shining needed here (from Zara).

Also, if you're looking for a fresh scent for your home, I recommend Diptyque's Figuier. It literally makes my room smell like fresh flowers, figs (of course), and freshness. I recommend 100%. I am also so into straw lately (straw bags, straw hats) and this one from Lack of Color is my favorite. I recently ordered an Etsy straw bag that I can't wait to show you guys! In case you're wondering, the pretty lacey bralette is from Chantelle and the gold-bracelet bag is from Frankie

Skincare-wise, I definitely want to try more products by Fresh because rose is my ultimate favorite scent and they have so many rose-scented products. Aromas aside, my friend recommended them to me and said I needed to try their products ASAP. So I decided I should definitely give them a go. I recently purchased their Rose Cleansing Foam and fell in love. I also hope to explore more into Aesop because they are such a beautiful and wholesome brand. 

Even though this post is pretty blush themed (me...blush themed??) I have been loving red and whites and blacks and greys and browns. I hope to stick with that color palette, while incorporating some spring tones, into my wardrobe! Tomorrow I plan on having some spring outfits up on here so stay tuned! What are you feeling for spring?


photographs from paris

Hi all! As I mentioned in another blogpost, I really wanted to just dump every single one of my favorite photos from Paris here basically to relive the experience...and I know you guys have been saying you want to see more photos so I thought it would be a good idea to do so. Without further ado, here are all of the photos. I will probably be posting them all on social media too, so I'm very sorry if you get sick of them!!

If you want to know what I'm wearing or where we are in any photo, just let me know :-)

Paris truly has just made me so, so enlightened and happy on the inside. Just to have had the opportunity to travel to my literal dream place because of my 'job' was insane. It is something I will truly treasure forever. It has taught me that sometimes, there are bigger things in life, and these are the moments that will matter. They are the moments you will look back on with a smile and a pinch of the heart and say 'that made me who I am'. It's not about tests, loads of work, those who do not believe in you. It's literally all about you and where you picture yourself. I promise, if you think something will happen and set your mind to it, it will happen. Thank you for all your sweet messages while I was there and thank you for how supportive you all have been. Sending you love from the bottom of my heart ♡