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ultimate skincare favorites

Hi guys! So I've never really done a post like this before and I thought it would be really fun to show you my absolute favorite skincare products, mostly of which I found in 2016. I'm really sorry to mention that year, I know we are so done with that, even typing 2016 makes me cringe. BUT, anyway, that aside, these are the products that have been in my vanity forever and I have no plan of letting them go just yet. Last year was a year that I really became obsessed with skincare--I don't really know what changed in me, but it is now a favorite past-time of mine to go onto Into the Gloss and browse beauty products I can dump my savings into. Seriously. Even though most of these products are all different brands, I wanted to give a little list of the ones I have simply adored for a good chunk of time.

Glossier -Milky Jelly Cleanser - I have truly been a fan of Glossier for about a year and I am always looking to see what products I want to try next. I actually did purchase this cleanser about 2 weeks ago and ever since I have been in love. I really love its faint rose smell and the consistency of the gel when it works with water. I feel like it cleanses my skin and makes it feel so refreshed and light afterwards. Definitely an amazing product and I am planning on buying into one of their serums soon...let me know if you have ever tried them.

Kiehls - Calendula Herbal Extract Toner - This is another one that I had for a long time, then put away, then took back out, and now I have found a true love for it. Honestly all I can say is that it really does the job and makes my skin feel so crisp and clean (in a good way, if that makes sense). I also love the dried flowers at the bottom of the bottle. You can always feel great knowing there are flower petals in your cleansing routine.

Aesop - Madarin Facial Hydrating Cream - I've been looking for a really basic, truly great moisturizer and I found that this is the one. It has a really nice, mandarin-orange scent and a creamy consistency. I love rubbing it into my skin at night and feeling hydrated and healthy.

L'Occitane - Divine Youth Oil - Obviously I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane and I use tons of their products, but I really fell for their divine youth oil. I've never really used oils before, but I just fell in love with the way that this one felt against my skin. It didn't leave it oily at all (since I have naturally more combination type skin) and instead it left me with a perfect, dewy glow. It is anti-aging too which is really nice to know that my future self will thank me. (I actually did a whole blogpost about L'Occitane here
Kiehls - Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask - I am a sucker when it comes to Kiehls and their face masks--they have never disappointed me. One of my favorites is the tumeric & cranberry seed mask because it feels like it is giving back to your skin. It has real seeds in it and it nourishes, hydrates, as well as exfoliates and help fight redness (thanks to the tumeric seed). I could leave this on for hours, honestly.

Kiehls - Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - Perhaps my #1 recommendation is this eye cream. I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made with my under eye circles and the overall look of my eyes. It feels so gentle yet you can tell it works hard to moisturize the delicate eye area. My best friend actually said 'wow, your eyes look great' right when I first started using this product. I was like omg. Keep. Forever.

Okay, jumping to hair care real quick. Even though I have mentioned these 2 products on this blog before, I wanted to mention them again because I really love them.

Ouai - Hair Oil - I love the smell of this oil, seriously. I pump a little bit into my palms and then apply it gently to the ends of my hair since they are typically dry. I swear, between this product and the hair mask I'm about to mention, my hair has grown like it never has before. Again, a lot of people have come up to me saying 'your hair has gotten so long!!!' *winks to you guys*

Kiehls - Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Reparative Hair Pak - Okay, I didn't even realize how many Kiehls products would be in this blogpost but I guess I have a tiny bit of an obsession. Their products just work so well! Every week I use this hair mask at the middle-to-ends of my hair and I cannot explain how silky smooth my hair is afterwards. It feels replenished and so unbelievably healthy. Using this hair mask and having a cup of green tea makes me feel like I am an independent woman ready to conquer the entire world. 


So, that is it! Let me know if you have any recommendations or if you have tried and loved these products too. I love hearing everyone's different experiences and recommendations!



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