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monday inspiration

We all feel a little uninspired on Monday's...so why not take a peak at what has been inspiring me lately.
I honestly have been super inspired lately, but am struggling with the tools to create content that I truly want to. After Paris (which will be another burst of inspiration), I have an exciting little thing happening that will push me in the right direction when it comes to making the content I visualize. I know that sounds so vague, but I want it to be a little bit of a surprise (even though it's really not anything crazy). You guys will see what I mean soon.

Even though I am feeling inspired, it is always nice to still reflect and see what has been influencing me lately. These images are taken from my personal Tumblr, which you can see here, and follow if you want to. My other Tumblr, where I post all my own images, is here.

It is very much the usual--my favorite tones with outfit, café, and French inspiration. There is something just so simple yet romantic about all of these photos. This is what I try to emulate with my photos, even though I know that will still take time. If you are a blogger/influencer/photographer/etc, we need to be gentle on ourselves! I personally love having Pinterest and Tumblr just to see where my style is headed and how I can collectively see what is inspiring me at the moment. I hope this got you thinking on this gloomy Monday, and let me know what has been inspiring you as of late 🌟


  1. Lovely inspo, gotta love tumblr! :)



  2. All of these pictures are so gorgeous! They are your aesthetic for sure.

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