Friday, April 28, 2017

automatic stop

Today I did a run around in beautiful Tribeca and took photos with my lovely friend & photographer, Amanda Goon. It was such a nice day and spring felt so clear in the air. Without getting too sentimental, here are the photos.

Wearing:Nanushka Spring/Summer 2017Cinco Store Ginger NecklaceCinco Store Giovanna RingCinco Store Bella NecklaceKozha Numbers BagBasket Bag from EtsyAdidas
Thank you to @akgoonie for taking these photos ♡ really hope you guys like! Let me know :-)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

interior dreams

Hi guys! I promise this is my last post talking about interiors before I can actually share what I did with my space hahaha, I know it's been so long! I just am stuck in maybe a little creative rut but I am slowly getting out of it, and, of course, going on Pinterest is helping me and providing me with the room inspiration I've been looking for. I have been browsing on Harpers Project and cannot wait to show you guys the pieces a part of our collaboration, too, which will be coming soon. As I mentioned in my latest inspirations post, I have been really getting into the mid century modern look and simplistic design approach. Of course as our styles change, our interior tastes move along with it! I do find myself still being obsessed with neutrals, woods, and marbles, which makes me feel good because that is the style I have always loved. For my new space I am thinking tons of light, white, marble surfaces, plain candles, and little plant decor (of course). I put together a little Polyvore set just to hone in on those focuses and give you guys a peep as to my thought process. Being in this small room does not let me have as much creative freedom as I want, but hopefully I can move some things around and make it work! The living room could definitely use some redecorating as well, but I plan on waiting until I have an established living space to do that. So, until then, making up my room it is! Let me know what you think!

That's just a little bit of the vibe I've been feelin'! Stay tuned for my collaboration with the Harpers Project site, can't wait to show you guys the new pieces I'll be putting in my room! Of course it will take time and you might not see the finished product for a little, but by summer I hope it is everything I have been daydreaming about. Let me know what style you've been admiring lately, I would love to hear! 


Monday, April 17, 2017

latest inspirations; spring

Hi guys! Around every month or so I love putting together what is inspiring me currently; whether it be in fashion, interiors, books, etc. My inspirations haven't changed that much since the last inspiration post I did, but I love how much it helps me in personally having a focus in the kind of mood I've been into lately so I decided to throw one up today! To put it simply I have been adoring...

Straw and baskets, flats with bows, nude tones (browns, whites, blacks), white orchids, French-mirrors, magazines, art, skincare

As you guys might have seen on my Instagram story, I recently moved around my room just to give it a fresh, new touch-around. Now the space feels more open and luscious, but now it has me thinking that I need to get some new furniture pieces, just so it can feel different and reflect my style, which has shifted a bit in the past couple of months.

I was browsing around Pinterest the other day (per usual) and stumbled across a board that was titled, "Mid Century Modern"...and fell absolutely in love. Though the style contains mainly modern elements, it still has that comfortable, home-y touch that I personally need in my apartment. So, with this newfound Pinterest style, I've been hatching pieces to get for my room. First thing on my list, and though it doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with the Mid Century Modern theme, is a Parisian mirror. This particular mirror has been in my Etsy cart for ages and I feel like I am finally ready to get it. I know they are elaborate and some might consider them to be too much, but my space is so simple, even a little empty. I feel like I want to spark it up with something different and, perhaps, something a little out there!

I've mentioned this in previous posts, but I'm also really keen on getting some art for my space. Christiane Spangsberg's art is so amazing, and so is her Instagram. That is the inspiration I've been getting art-wise since I know most art is unbelievably expensive and unattainable. I will continue my search for dupes on the interwebs.

And of course, little details like white flowers and baskets and books will add to the space. Those are other things I plan on getting once the furniture portion is over with. 
P.s., the rug mentioned above will not be real!

I also wanted to give you guys some Instagram's that I've been absolutely loving recently and that have provided me with tons of inspiration...
@lucywilliams02 (as always)

There's also been a thought in my mind of starting to go filter-less on my's just such a hard decision because I know you guys love when I use my filters and what not. What do you think? Maybe I should start a separate account for the unfiltered things in life...


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

music festival looks

Hi guys! Since Coachella is literally 2 days away, I wanted to put together some 'music festival outfits' which, I know, the title sounds pretty cring-y but I don't know what other title would make sense. I wanted to help in case any of you are going to Coachella (I can't because school. Responsibilities are fun hahaha) or any other music-themed lounge days this summer. Though I have done look books in the past with this idea in mind, I am happy to say my super bohemian/indie days are sort of done with and I wanted to do something different. So, these looks might be a little something different compared to your norm, but this is what I would personally wear to a music festival to feel free, comfortable, and me.

White linens. Buttons. Coin necklace. Cat-eye sunglasses.
Comfortable sneakers. Straw accessories. 
For the girl who wants to dance around, laze around, and ultimately get 
her white clothes very dirty.

Vintage t-shirt. Striped pants. Gingham details.
Oval sunglasses. Gold hoops. 
For the girl who loves taking pictures on her vintage camera and 
won't stop until she sees Surf Curse.


Pops of color. Straw hat. Red sneakers.
Delicate, lace details. 
For the girl who is prancing around 
with a cherry lollipop in her mouth.

Muted, neutral colors. Comfortable mules. Long, white dress.
Gold rings. Satchel bag. Sun hat. 
For the girl who is mellowing out and
crying at the Head and the Heart (me). 

Okay guys! Those are what I thought up. Let me know which one is your favorite, and as always you can find the details of each outfit on my Polyvore. Are any of you going to Coachella/a summer music festival? Hopefully I'll get there someday! If you are, have a beautiful time! 


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

spring x posse

Today was a beautiful day in New York and I couldn't help but take advantage of the spring weather and run around West Village in super short dresses. Because winter is usually such a rut, I could not wait to finally feel free, warm, and creative. My happiness was obviously bursting while taking these pictures...I hope you like! Photographed by Amanda Goon x

The Jane Dress
The Moss Mini
                  70s Roundie Bag
                  Zara heels
                  Reliquia Hoop & Loop earrings
                  Reliquia Star Sign Necklace

I am such a huge fan of Posse, seriously all of their items are just perfect. Check them out, they are such a beautiful Australian label!

That's all for today guys! Thinking about doing a 'music festival outfits' soon...


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

advice: blogging

Hi guys! So I really wanted to do a post like this because I frequently get asked about what are some tips n' tricks to blogging. Not that I am a super professional or anything like that, but I have been in the 'blogging' sphere for a long time (almost 4 years now since I started my Tumblr) and wanted to give a little insight and some guidelines as to how it happened for me. I really hope this is helpful!

How did you first get into blogging?
I know I have told this story before, but I want to just reiterate it since this is a question I get asked frequently. I started a separate Tumblr, back in May 2013, just as a place where I could put all my photos. My goal really wasn't to be noticed, I created it just so I could be organized, stay inspired, and try to better my 'photography' (which at that time wasn't photography. It was literally pictures from my phone and mostly me standing in front of a mirror hahaha). Then, people started following it and asking me questions about my style, since most of the photos were fashion related and pictures of my outfits. I loved talking to people, giving them ideas, and it sort of blossomed from there. I got my first company, a choker company, who wanted to send me necklaces to promote and I was like wow, can this be a thing? Fashion blogging really didn't exist at that time, or it had just started coming about, so it was all new to me. I didn't really know if other people were doing things like this. But I stuck with it, because I loved it, and it kept going.

How did you start collaborating with companies?
So, like I mentioned before, I got really lucky because a company actually reached out to me first. Again, at that time I didn't really think I could be the one to reach out, I didn't even know collaborating with companies was a thing. Once I did that first collaboration, other companies realized and started reaching out to me more (through my business email--if you want to collaborate with companies or do blogging as a business, definitely make a separate, official email). But, of course there were companies I really wanted to work with, and I decided to just take the plunge. Literally, you have to think to yourself, what's the worst that could happen? They don't answer? Okay, you move on.

  • When reaching out to a company...
    • You can start it off with a cute hello, I usually say 'Hi there!'
    • Quick introduction about yourself, what you do (one sentence)
    • Say that you would love to collaborate, you could even compliment the brand and say why they're perfect for you're aesthetic
    • Add a thank you and end with a simple, kind ending, like 'Best, Christie'
Again, don't be discouraged if they don't answer you. Sometimes I'll reach out to companies, forget about it because they haven't answered, and then all of the sudden I will get the reply in my inbox. It takes patience.

How do you now go about collaborating with companies?
Obviously, as your blog starts to grow and you collaborate with more and more companies, the opportunities will grow larger too. But, a thing I really, really feel passionate about is collaborate with companies that you love. You can get a lot of offers, all from various companies, but you have to make sure you stay true to yourself and pick companies that share the same aesthetic and message as you. Even if they are paying you, do they really match your style, or are you just doing it for the money? I have turned down opportunities that would have been obviously amazing to have just for the payment, but I am always reminded of that #1 rule that I set for myself. It might just be me, but it is very easy to tell when someone is doing a post just for the payment or benefits. Anyway, sorry for the rambling! Once collaborating with companies becomes a constant thing, keep reaching out, keep building relationships, and of course stay true. Also be aware that companies of companies that might be taking advantage of you. Set your rates and be confident in them and in yourself. 

*Also, constantly keep the company in the know. If you have received their gift, let them know, say thank you, and tell them when your post(s) will be live. They will really appreciate it and it sets up a great relationship. 

How can I set myself a part from everyone else?
I know this sounds typical, but I think it really helps when you develop a style that is uniquely you. Of course most of us in the blogging community follow trends and share them on our social media, but I find always have a little quirk that sets you a part. Whether that's how you physically style a look, how you edit your pictures, your color scheme. Also, you definitely don't have to have a color scheme or 'perfect flow', but it helps with staying organized and really knowing your style. Obviously I love sticking to my color theme because it makes me feel focused and motivated, but do whatever you feel will express you.

How do I feel confident in myself and what I'm creating?
It really is hard staying confident in an area in which it feels like 'you are just another blogger/creator/artist'. Especially now since everyone really does have the same style and share the same trends. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. Blogging isn't something you start because you want to make money and get sent free clothes. You have to have a passion and dedication for it; it has to be something you just love to do. Like how some people love writing poetry, or performing music, you need to love styling and photographing (or cooking, or giving advice, whatever your blog is about). Of course, the perks are amazing, but what will set you a part is how passionate you are about it. People will notice it and it really will make a difference. When you're doing something you love, the likes, the comments, the offers won't matter. You need to stay true to why you started and how happy it makes you feel.

Any other tips?
A little tip I like is simple--be kind. Never take anything for granted. Keep it real (haha, sorry that sounds corny). But seriously. If you do the right thing and the thing that feels okay in your heart, it will make a difference in the long run. Stick with your gut. Really pour your heart into what you want to create. And also, don't be discouraged if you go through a 'creative funk'. Everyone goes through them. I feel like I am in a creative funk at least once, maybe even twice, a month. Keep pushing! Also, it definitely helps if you set guidelines for when you want to post, what you want to post. Your followers will like it because they know when to expect new things, sort of like if you're a Youtuber and put up videos every Sunday. It also helps you with staying organized too. 

Okay, even though these were just 6 questions, I obviously rambled quite a lot. If you still have a question, ask away in the comments! I probably won't answer in paragraph form but I really love talking and helping in any way that I can. Love you guys and thank you, as always, for supporting me so much! Again, really hope this helped!