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latest inspirations; spring

Around every month or so I love putting together what is inspiring me currently; whether it be in fashion, interiors, books, etc. My inspirations haven't changed that much since the last inspiration post I did, but I love how much it helps me in personally having a focus in the kind of mood I've been into lately so I decided to throw one up today! To put it simply I have been adoring...

Straw and baskets, flats with bows, nude tones (browns, whites, blacks), white orchids, French-mirrors, magazines, art, skincare

As you guys might have seen on my Instagram story, I recently moved around my room just to give it a fresh, new touch-around. Now the space feels more open and luscious, but now it has me thinking that I need to get some new furniture pieces, just so it can feel different and reflect my style, which has shifted a bit in the past couple of months.

I was browsing around Pinterest the other day (per usual) and stumbled across a board that was titled, "Mid Century Modern"...and fell absolutely in love. Though the style contains mainly modern elements, it still has that comfortable, home-y touch that I personally need in my apartment. So, with this newfound Pinterest style, I've been hatching pieces to get for my room. First thing on my list, and though it doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with the Mid Century Modern theme, is a Parisian mirror. This particular mirror has been in my Etsy cart for ages and I feel like I am finally ready to get it. I know they are elaborate and some might consider them to be too much, but my space is so simple, even a little empty. I feel like I want to spark it up with something different and, perhaps, something a little out there!

I've mentioned this in previous posts, but I'm also really keen on getting some art for my space. Christiane Spangsberg's art is so amazing, and so is her Instagram. That is the inspiration I've been getting art-wise since I know most art is unbelievably expensive and unattainable. I will continue my search for dupes on the interwebs.

And of course, little details like white flowers and baskets and books will add to the space. Those are other things I plan on getting once the furniture portion is over with. 
P.s., the rug mentioned above will not be real!

I also wanted to give you guys some Instagram's that I've been absolutely loving recently and that have provided me with tons of inspiration...
@lucywilliams02 (as always)

There's also been a thought in my mind of starting to go filter-less on my Instagram...it's just such a hard decision because I know you guys love when I use my filters and what not. What do you think? Maybe I should start a separate account for the unfiltered things in life...



  1. Super cute! Gonna use this as inspiration for my new bedroom!


  2. So great inspiration! Kisses


  3. These items are really inspiring indeed. The mirror reminds of the disney movie "snow white", where she asks the mirror who is the prettiest of all. LOL