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music festival looks

Since Coachella is literally 2 days away, I wanted to put together some 'music festival outfits' which, I know, the title sounds pretty cring-y but I don't know what other title would make sense...

I wanted to help in case any of you are going to Coachella (I can't because school. Responsibilities are fun hahaha) or any other music-themed lounge days this summer. Though I have done look books in the past with this idea in mind, I am happy to say my super bohemian/indie days are sort of done with and I wanted to do something different. So, these looks might be a little something different compared to your norm, but this is what I would personally wear to a music festival to feel free, comfortable, and me.

White linens. Buttons. Coin necklace. Cat-eye sunglasses.
Comfortable sneakers. Straw accessories. 
For the girl who wants to dance around, laze around, and ultimately get 
her white clothes very dirty.

Vintage t-shirt. Striped pants. Gingham details.
Oval sunglasses. Gold hoops. 
For the girl who loves taking pictures on her vintage camera and 
won't stop until she sees Surf Curse.


Pops of color. Straw hat. Red sneakers.
Delicate, lace details. 
For the girl who is prancing around 
with a cherry lollipop in her mouth.

Muted, neutral colors. Comfortable mules. Long, white dress.
Gold rings. Satchel bag. Sun hat. 
For the girl who is mellowing out and
crying at the Head and the Heart (me). 

Okay guys! Those are what I thought up. Let me know which one is your favorite, and as always you can find the details of each outfit on my Polyvore. Are any of you going to Coachella/a summer music festival? Hopefully I'll get there someday! If you are, have a beautiful time! 



  1. Cherry Bomb 🍒 and Comfy Linen Chic are amazing and very 2017! Love!!! I'm not going to Coachella either lol but it IS fun to put together festival looks!

  2. I have school and work too so can't make it to Coachella :/ love these spring looks though so effortless and chic!