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another change

Hi guys! Since all I can do is really spend the day at home, I thought it'd be a good idea to organize some things and also show you a lil sneak preview of how I will be decorating my dorm for my first year in college (in NYC). I absolutely love interior design, it would probably be my second passion if I didn't have this one, so it was so exciting to start shopping for dorm stuff. My inspiration is mainly what I've been getting into recently; always those classic, vintage vibes with a mix of New York modern and brown, fall tones.

All those mini new things are a glimpse of what I've picked up from IKEA to decorate my room. I wish I could show you everything but most of it is a mess (which you will see) and I think it will be better to see actually put all together anyway. I'm definitely going to do a dorm tour too which will be fun :-)

Also, got a new Daniel Wellington watch!!! I decided to stick it along with this post, but you'll see a more elaborated post soon. This is the classic St Mawes in brown, but use the code KIKITYLER15 to get 15% off!!! Check out their site here.

It's so weird to think that I'll be moving to the city in less than a month. It's all so exciting, scary, and maybe a bit nerve wracking. But also to think that I'll be living in my favorite city in the world makes me so happy it lets me forget about everything else. Again, I'll be showing you guys more dorm-spiration once the time comes around. Until then, our planning room will continue to look like this…

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday.


you're the best

Hiiiiii babies. How are you doing? Today was an exciting day. It was one of those days where I photographed for Free People Paramus, which is always fun. Grace and I (@yensphoto) went to one of our fav spots to walk around, photograph, have lunch, and see some inspiration for fall. The inspiration is very Parisian themed, with stripes, denim basics, skinny scarves, and the perfect amount of layering. I hope I got that feel across and you guys can get some inspiration for back to school!

I am still sick obviously, so that's why I looked so tired in these photos hahaha! This weekend I'm finally getting my time to rest though. So, so excited. I might have some cozy posts up and some rando's but you guys shall see. Again, thanks so much to Grace, and if you guys are interested check out @freepeopleparamus, where these photos will be posted! My instagram: @cctylr.

Which one of these outfits was your fav?! Let me know, I'd love to hear it. I know this is so cliche but I can't wait for fall you guys. All these outfits are by Free People, boots worn from Forever 21, socks from H&M. If you want any more details, let me know. Love you guys!