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monday hues

Hi! First let me say thank you so much for 400k views! It's lovely how this sort of was a side little thing for me, yet as I started getting into it you guys went along with it and actually like it so it makes me so happy. I appreciate you all so much, it's crazy. Let's not get too sappy now, so let's break it down and remind you yes that today was Monday. But for a Monday it wasn't all that bad…

School went by quickly and afterwards I had to run some errands because it's my best friend's birthday tomorrow! I obviously got her a present but these little bits and bobs were on sale at Anthropologie so I couldn't resist getting some for myself.

That's it! My computer is about to die and I really wanted to get a post up before I watched The Royals and fell asleep. My life in a nutshell.