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advice: balance

Hi guys! So I'm back here to do a little advice/chit chat talk because I love doing these and it really means the world when you guys want me to talk about something or just share my experiences and help. Not that I'm an expert, at all, but obviously as I have grown older I have truly learned a lot of things about myself. Ever since starting college last year, it has become apparent to me that I am not a procrastinator. And, though I have talked about this in one of my Youtube videos (which you can watch here) I still wanted to write about a concept that is really important when you want to try and be an organized, wholesome, and happy individual--balance

Now, even though I am a really organized person, I still get really nervous and anxious about the little things in life or when I feel as if I have a to-do list breathing down my back. And though I am super happy a majority of the time, stress is my worst enemy. It makes me want to cry, push away everyone, lash out, and sort of just want to disappear for a little. Which is why it has become so important to me that I don't get to those points...which can be so hard--especially when I (and a majority of all of us) have emails, due dates, blogging picture due dates, meetings. But, that is why balance is also so important. 
I learned that the best way I get things done is to do them as early as possible. This eliminates so, so much of my stress. Basically, if I have a free day or a free chunk of time out of my day in which I have no plans, I start an assignment that might be due like a week or two from then. I know, it seems a little insane, but you will be so shocked when you realize how much stress that eliminates. Just literally opening up the assignment and doing the APA format requirement is a step. Because truly, the fact of the matter is--starting is the hardest point in anything that you do. It is finding that motivation and that feeling from inside that always tends to hide, especially when it comes to a task you really don't want to do. Taking that first step will make all the difference in the world. 
I like doing that 1-2 weeks before practice for big assignments and papers, but I also like to start a bit early on small things like reading or taking notes for homework. If it got assigned that day in class, I will do it that day. That way, further into the week, you don't have to be like wait, what do I have due again? because it will already be done. It is just the best way to keep organized and check things off your to-do list efficiently. And also, having a planner will help so much. That way you can write your assignments down and never forget about them! 
Now, what about other things? When I am done with school work, I reward myself. That is when I take my blogging pictures, listen to music, feeling free and happy and as if I have conquered my day. Just utilize that time to do the things you love to do. Write, maybe see a friend, go for coffee. Now, I am really lucky that these are the only two things that I am dedicated to--school and blogging (work). So many of you have part-time jobs, internships, sports, etc. I had to do that for 2 semesters and it was really, really not fun. I would have an internship/job right now, but I am taking a lot of difficult classes and I really wanted to focus more on blogging since that is technically my "job" as of right now (and it is a career I want to have for life.) But, for those who have even more on their plate, I would suggest just dedicating a slot time for everything. After class, get your homework/assignments done, #1. Then, with your leftover time, divide it up. One hour for yoga, another hour for photography/writing. Then, after dinner and when you're having relaxing time, answer a couple of emails, prepare yourself for tomorrow, plan out your outfit. I love planning the night before because I know then I won't be scrambling in the morning--I can have my cup of coffee, check Instagram, maybe even watch the news. It just gives a real sense of inner peace and you will feel even more stress-free. 

While we are talking about balance, I also want to say that I think it is really important if you can just have a day, or maybe even half a day, to just focus on yourself. No work, no assignments, just you and maybe a nice shower/bath, some tea, a facial, a book. I have mentioned this in my 'how to stress less' blogpost, but it TRULY feels so rewarding you guys. Sometimes we are so surrounded by people and stress (especially if you live in busy, crowded cities) that it can drive us crazy. If every week you can have a little time to yourself, it will make you feel even more balanced and happy. 

Conquering balance in your life is not an easy thing. Even though I have found the routines that work for me, I still get stressful moments. You just have to breathe and realize that everything will seriously be okay. And that there are always people out there to help. I love you and I'm sorry if this was one big jumble, hopefully it was easy to read and really helped if you are struggling with how to get a routine down. Let me know in the comments what you think or maybe if you have your own unique ways of having balance in your lives ๐Ÿค—



  1. Thank you so much for this post! I'm really stressed out right now because of school, so this really helped :)

  2. Ah i loved this! If only I wasn't procrastinator! I'm so bad.. I leave everything to the last minute and then get super stressed and then I promise myself that next time I will do everything on time but I still never do. But i guess it is something I could get better at if I really tried:) and I agree that it is so important to take time just for yourself!!

  3. Thank you for this post!! This inspired me to sit down and map out how I work best/what eliminates stress for me. We are most successful when we take care of ourselves <3

  4. Hi! I work part time at Free People in Rockefeller. I am currently about to go into my second semester of freshman year in college. I was wondering how your ecperience was when you worked in Free People during the school year. I seem to be having trouble managing my time. Let me know how you dealt with it.

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