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styling two ways: denim cycling shorts

When it's too hot in New York, sometimes you have to succumb to trends...

As you all probably know by now, I am one to sort of dabble in trends and that's about it. For the most part, I wear trends when it comes to accessories, shoes, and bags, and not much else. My wardrobe is pretty basic and I recycle the same key pieces over and over, especially as I am focusing on sustainability, vintage, and building a staple wardrobe. Yet, with this New York heat wave, I have literally run out of ideas. I constantly worry about flashing on stairs in the subway while wearing dresses or skirts...normal denim shorts are okay but not really anything special...and then I came across this pair of 'cycling denim shorts' and I thought hm...this could be interesting...

First up, I thought that pairing the shorts with a super flowy blouse could look chic and sophisticated, and also play down the sports vibe that is often associated with this shape. It adds a vibe of femininity as well, and though it is overall a trendy look, this could make for the perfect go-to option when it is just way too hot. It is also a great outfit for a stuffy office or class. 

On the other hand, pairing the shorts with a matching t-shirt and belt makes for a great "off-duty" look. It is also easiest way to go. With a bun, I felt the coolest (mentally and physically) I could feel.

With that, if you are opposed to the cycling short trend, take the denim for a spin. It is a bit less in your face and not as trend-focused. Let me know which look you prefer as well. Stay cool xo
First look: Top / Shorts / Bag / Shoes / SunglassesSecond look: Top / BeltShorts / Bag / Shoes / Sunglasses A special thank you to Eduarda for photographing these for me in the stifling heat, I love you ♡


  1. I'd really love to hear more about how you're curating your staple wardrobe (like what you look for in a piece) and your favorite places for sustainable and vintage clothing!

    1. Those are great ideas! Thank you so much for them! I will definitely organize something like that soon!! x

  2. I love your blog and your style, you're an inspiration
    How did you learn how to work with blogger?
    Have a lovely day, love u

  3. If I'm being honest, I'm a not a huge fan of cycling shorts. However, you definitely make them work and I might even try them out myself sometime. I really like that they're denim as well!

    Sarah Grace