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autumn wish list

A peak into what's on my wishlist for the Autumn season...
I just gave my closet a MAJOR clean out. Seriously, major. I was getting so overwhelmed with clothes and it was a huge mess until I finally couldn't take it anymore and set aside time to clean it all out. With newfound inspiration, here are the staples on my list for this fall.


1. I think pointed flats are going to be such a staple this fall--especially if they have a little detail on the toe. They are perfect to slip on with a pair of Levi's, t-shirt, and oversized blazer. They can amp up a look from casual to chic in an instant (and they don't kill your feet).

2. Checkered patterns are in this fall, which I think we have all gathered from Fashion Week. It's no lie I'm also obsessed with blazers, so mashing these two together is going to be my go-to overcoat situation this season.

3. Gold chain link belts (I predict) might be a trend. Said it here first, folks (partially kidding). But I'm really digging the whole vibe of a chain belt with some white denim, so hopefully I can get my hands on a gold one that isn't insanely expensive.

4. A trench coat is always an autumn staple. I love the look of this one since it's off-white with big buttons, since I usually stick with the usual beige trench. Hopefully we can change things up a little!

5. Berets. Always. I own a maroon and caramel-colored beret, so I am on the hunt for a simple black one.

6. White denim, again. Just such a great staple and I am so glad neutrals are also in! My life is complete.

7. I know cat-eye glasses were crazy big this summer, but I think they will extend into fall, too. To upgrade this trend, go with an even funkier pair outside of cat-eye, perhaps a unique rectangle shape. Think 90s/Kate Moss.

8. Fluffy. Everything. This trend is going to be big with teddy-inspired coats and bags. I am obsessed with this one from Topshop!

9. For some reason I love the look of a gold chain bag with an outfit, it just amps it up to the next level. I'm still on the hunt for a great one without breaking the bank, but Prada inspiration never hurt nobody.

10. You can never go wrong with a pair of ReDone's (or just a vintage pair of Levi's in general). Though I am always a skinny-ankle girl, flares would be fun, paired with chic accessories and pointed shoes.

11. I am on the hunt, yet again, for a staple white top. You can never go wrong with this one to throw on for a fancy dinner or with jeans for a walk around town.

12. Not that bras are really ever trendy, but I am loving the idea of this one with an open blazer for a night out or under a white, sheer top.

13. A leather jacket is always an essential for fall. I am looking for one that is quality because the others I have had in the past are just so flimsy. A girl might have to wait.

14. Strappy heels are also a trend. Pair it with denim, some gold accessories, and you're good to go.

15. Another day, another blazer. I think menswear-inspired pieces will be a look in general. There is something so effortlessly Parisian about it.

16. Last but not least, a staple bag that one can always dream about. Need I say more?


  1. I love all of your picks. They are very cute, and totally your style. I love the fluffy bag.

  2. Such great outfits, love the pants!



  3. Hey, Christie!! I work at Urban and we have black berets and cat eye sunnies!!! ��