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black friday picks

Hi guys! Usually I'm really not one to partake in the Black Friday shenanigans because I never really thought it was worth getting up in the morning and trekking into huge crowds with long lines. I already get nervous with that kind of thing, which is why I always prefer to stay home and relax! But, this year, something has changed...and honestly that's just all the online sales going on because of Black Friday. Aka, I can still do major shopping in the comforts of my bed with my laptop. Forget Cyber Monday, it has literally turned into a weekend-long event and I am definitely not complaining. Here are some of the sales I've been eyeing and taking advantage of, and just some items I've been wanting/getting inspiration from lately!

These are all the places on my list, with links!

Also this wasn't sponsored at all, just thought it'd be fun to post about the sales I'm keeping up with this weekend! I went to Anthropologie today and it was amazing. Also Kiehls, not mentioned above, is having an amazing sale ($20 off a $65 purchase) which is actually pretty good since they are expensive so it can definitely be worth it if you decide to splurge. Isn't it crazy this has become a weekend-long event? What sales are you keeping up with?

I'll definitely be posting some more content this week! This past week has been crazy with Thanksgiving and all that, and I've just been focused on being home and spending quality time with my family. It's such an amazing time of year and I love how it's only getting started.



  1. Love all of these, Kiki!! That burnt orange faux fur coat <3 I am trying to keep my eyes open for some crushed velvet mule boots this season! Happy online hunting! -Heather

  2. This is the post I was waiting for! Admittedly, I scrolled through your Instagram yesterday looking for brands to shop online with hahah. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Alyssa at thewildcraftingwoman.weebly.com