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my current wishlist

Hi guys! So I wanted to do a little post about what I've been admiring + bookmarking this month for when I get the chance to go shopping. I've been feeling my neutral brown tones even more than usual (can you believe it) and overall just a French, detailed, simple style. Here's what is on my wish list!

-White Turtleneck (Zara)
-Beret (Asos)

You know when youc an just picture yourself in something? That's how I feel with all of these items. I feel like lace and small details is making a comeback, surprisingly for winter, which I'm super thrilled about. Even though most lace is thin, wear a matching long-sleeve underneath with a coat and once you're inside take it off and voila, you look ultra chic. Delicate necklaces against lace is so beautiful too. Also, I'm really excited for that & Other Stories bralette because I want to layer it on top of turtlenecks and sweaters...call me crazy?! And I feel the need to splurge on another Diptyque candle. I love using them afterwards to store things so I try to convince myself it is a justified purchase. Anyway, what is on your wish list?! Would love to know!


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  1. I am in desperate need of a Replica perfume! I definitely want to sample By the Fireplace!