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new house plants

Hi guys! So yesterday, as you can probably guess from the title of this blogpost, I bought new plants for my room/apartment! I went to Union Square Market before it is taken up by Christmas booths, and went to my favorite plant section and picked out a couple of new babies for my collection. I don't know what it is, but buying new plants literally makes me happy on the inside. I also get sick of plants easily (I know...that doesn't even make sense...but I do). I bought 3 plants and so I decided to shake up my room a little bit, re-arrange some things, and add my new plants!


I ended up getting mostly succulents, one big collection and one little guy (who I named Antonio) and that one medium-sized plant that literally looks like a bush of succulents. I'm so sorry I don't know his exact name! Honestly I don't know if he has a different name from the others. I am pretty positive they are all succulents.

I'm probably going to water them every week, or maybe less because I tend to over water my plants. I also like to leave them out in the sunlight on my window sill when the light comes in during the morning hours. Hopefully these will stick with me through the winter! I really love their colors and just how they liven my space up. 

And that's all! Today is Sunday and I'm listening to Christmas music and about to start on homework for the rest of the day. How excited is everyone for Thanksgiving and the holiday season? I'm seriously too excited. I definitely want to do a video in where I decorate my room for Christmas...but we have to wait for Thanksgiving to pass first hehe!



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    1. yes i paid for this theme but honestly it will last you so long and it makes such a great difference :') i could never make a theme like this by myself hahaha so that's why i had to buy this one! x

  2. I love the plants that you purchased! Your whole room seems like it is such a warm and comfy place. <3



  3. Seriously love all your photos! Cannot wait for your holiday posts!

  4. I love your posts! What kind of camera/ editor do you use?

  5. Beautiful plants and really lovely photography! I've been really inspired by your style lately :)


    Alyssa from thewildcraftingwoman.weebly.com

  6. Lovely post! Where did you get the shelves? :)