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my school bag

Hi guys! As you might have seen on my Tumblr and Instagram yesterday, I have a new beautiful vintage bag that I really wanted to share more of with you guys today. It will be my new school bag--aka the bag I keep all my pencils and notebooks and crumbled notes. I am sooo happy with it and the quality as well as the look of it just makes it an overall gem.

There's me on the first day of classes trying to look sophisticated and match this gorgeous bag. It is by a UK brand called Beara Beara and they have so many beautiful options and different styles. I would so highly recommend--check out their site here and Instagram here! (I highly recommend looking at their Instagram because it is so inspiring)

I also definitely want to try and do a 'What's in my School Bag' type of video over on my channel soon--hopefully when the first week of classes dies down and I will feel focused and not so scatter-brained. Is it just me or do you need to like find the brain power to get yourself back into school mode. It is such a struggle. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this post and that you love this bag as much as I do. Let me know your thoughts! 


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