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back to basics

Hi guys! I frequently get asked the question 'what are your wardrobe essentials?" and I was thinking about that question last night...and I was like why the heck haven't I done an updated essentials post??? I was basically kicking myself and I made it my #1 task on my to-do list to make that post today. So, here are my closet basics that I've been wearing out this winter!


I recently purchased this beauty because I realized there it was such a useful necessity. A white linen shirt is perfect for tucking into Levi's with a belt and white sneakers and calling it a day. Or you can turn it around and knot it at the back to make it look like it is a beautifully-detailed summer shirt. It can also be useful for a business meeting/interview. I definitely think it's wise to invest in a nice, white button up because it can last you forever.


I wear Levi's basically every day of the week. Once you find a good pair that you feel amazing in, literally nothing can stop you. I usually opt for black, high-waisted and a skinny fit. You can pair jeans with anything--a vintage t-shirt with a leather jacket or with a more feminine, lace top. The possibilities are endless. Usually these are the best to wear to class too because they are comfortable but I still feel fashionable/chic. My favorites are by ReDone (but I am biased because I collaborate with them) but I also found amazing, amazing Levi's just from vintage stores for $10. 


Of course a must, especially during winter, is a nice sweater to cuddle up in :') I love grey because it's such a nice color that goes with anything. I usually wear this sweater lazing around the apartment in leggings or with Levi's (surprise) when I'm going out. Oversized, cozy sweaters also look great with striped pants and ankle boots and tons of layers. I love putting a collared shirt underneath it too for an undone yet stylish look.


Another go-to for me is simple yet fun t-shirts and long sleeves. I've been loving this l'amant one from Sezane because I can pair it with anything (usually my black Levi's, a belt, a cardigan, heeled ankle boots, and a beret) and walk out the door. That striped shirt has also been one of my favorites...I've worn it probably 10 times by now and got it 2 weeks ago. It's just so comfy and easy. Definitely recommend vintage t-shirts/logo t-shirts/striped shirts because they're so simple yet can add to any outfit.
--ReDone T-shirt (the other two t-shirts are vintage from ReDone)


A trench coat is definitely one of my number one essentials for winter. I got this super oversized one from Zara and always throw it on for those super-cold days. It's so comfy and basically feels like a blanket. Trench coats/oversized coats can be thrown on with anything! I'm not even going to list options because anything can work ;-) 


Last but not least, accessories are an amazing way to add to any outfit too. These are some of my favorites. Adding a beret/hat instantly makes me feel better about myself (is that weird??). Also, I love wearing simple gold hoops because it is such a subtle yet chic accessory. Sunglasses and a nice staple bag always can help too :')I really hoped this helped you guys in narrowing down the must-have basics for your wardrobe! Of course we all have different styles and preferences so everyone's will differ, but I tried to make it as basic as possible! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these for every season! Much love to you guys!



  1. Love your pictures and flat lays! Such great basics you got there, love linen anything especially for spring!



  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Such an inspiring post.

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  4. These are very retro sort of clothes. Seems very old school but yet very classy. Now a days its very difficult to find such type of clothes. Old things are indeed very classy and unique.

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