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some spring outfitting

Hi guys! As promised, I wanted to put up some spring-inspired outfits today because even though there is a snow storm we can all dream and try to get inspiration for the warm, beautiful, floral-y months ahead.

straw, lace, & white
White tops with delicate details. Clean lace. Oval, sassy sunglasses. Straw accessories.

a little bit of edge
Red accents. Pointy loafers. Black jean skirts. Gold accessories. Vintage t-shirts.

a little bit of fancy
Blush. Chanel-inspired shoes. Cat eye sunglasses. Ribbons.

Straw textures. White sneakers. Gold framed glasses. Neutral tones.

And that's it! Because this is early I'm sure I'll have another one of these posts in the works once spring arrives. If you want to know where anything is from in each of the sets, you can go to my Polyvore here and click on the outfit which will show you all of the details. Love you guys and let me know which outfit is your favorite!



  1. Super cute looks I love that cult gaia bag, I recently created a few spring looks too! :)



  2. Lovely looks, especially the earthy look!

  3. I like the way you organize your collection for this summer. skirt and tee are absolutely fantastic. and i like the sunglasses too. a complete package of luxury and style. thanks for this share.

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