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luv aj x stone cold fox

Hi peaches 🍑  today I wanted to talk about the new collab of Luv Aj and Stone Cold Fox, aka the two coolest brands coming together for a beautiful project...what could be better? I got the chance to pick out 2 belts from the new collection and basically fall in love with them. Here they are in all their shiny, delicate, gorgeous glory X

I felt like this rose gold chain would go perfectly with a beach look--white lace bikini (from For Love & Lemons) and a straw hat with the belt just had such a wonderful peachy vibe. The belt also sits perfectly at my hips and the stars graze in just the right places (not to be too weird--get your mind out of the gutter!!)

Shop the Estrella Belt
Worn with For Love & Lemons by Cacique Boutique
Hat from Tjmaxx

The second belt is a little different but still gorgeous. It's perfect to tie around a simple dress (as pictured above, along with the other belt) or even on jeans for some sassy flare ;-) The gold tassels are such a cute touch, they remind me of an empress (or something like that??) (and in the best way possible)

Shop the Leon Wrap Belt
Worn with Brandy Melville vintage slip
Re/Done high waisted Levi's & Realisation Par Top

That's all loves!! I really wanted to show the belts how I would actually wear them. For the fall, I'd suggest layering over a chunky cardigan with mini block heels...that would be so cute. Am I the only one craving fall as I stand here folding my bikini? Anyway, I genuinely love this collection and hope you'll look at the lookbook & check out Luv Aj as well as Stone Cold Fox!

Talk soon,