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what's on my rack

As the seasons slowly transition and I turn into wanting Autumn more and more, so does my clothing rack. I find myself tossing my floral dresses somewhere deep into my closet and swapping them out for fluffy, pudgy cardigans. I just love the look of it and it makes me feel even more inspired and craving my favorite season.

I wanted to give you guys a little peak into whats on my rack currently, and how I transition my rack to incorporate pieces that I want to wear in the upcoming season.

Frequently, when I buy something new, I'll just pop it right to the front of my rack. I feel like it keeps me organized that way because I can see where my style is heading and where my mind is (if that makes sense...where is my mind jam anyone??) Right now I'm in that fall head space, which is why I have that beautiful cardigan as the third item. But, you can see towards the back how I still have dresses and florals because that's what I wore constantly these past few summer months.

I picked out a couple staple pieces on my rack right now...and like I mentioned, some are "fally" and most are summer.  But hopefully you can visibly see the transitioning happening and how these are really amazing staples to any wardrobe (in case you need a few tidbits, I get lots of messages asking about my current essentials so I truly hope this can help).Items in order:1. Vintage t-shirt Brandy Melville2. Crushed velvet slip dress Zara3. Silk Dress Silk Laundry4. Sheer polka-dot button up Free People5. Chunky oatmeal-colored cardigan Free People6. Denim overall dress Zara7. Long black cardigan Free PeopleAnd that's it! I also have some bags hanging on there but those are more just so I can have the space since my closet doesn't have appropriate organization for bags and what not. I also have shoes on the bottom, but those will probably get swapped at any moment now because they're all open and summery. I wanted to focus more on clothes anyway! :') 
I really hope you liked this brief little post, and hope it gave you some inspiration as we head into the most perfect season of all, Autumn!!!


  1. Love everything. Your style is perfect

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  4. I love your minimal and rustic-yet-chic style. So perfect. :)


  5. I love rose gold clothing rack (and all the clothes on it lol)! Where is it from I've been trying to find one forever!

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