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alfie douglas

Hello loves! Today I'm featuring a wonderful pouch/shoulder bag from company Alfie Douglas; the perfectly minimalist, quality, British, leather company. I absolutely adore their fresh, clean cuts and tiny little details that make their bags so unique yet effortlessly cool. I was gifted their brown Swivel Pouch to try and I have to say...I'm in love

Also, I had to mention this, you can get your initials monogrammed in the bottom right corner. How sweet is that? (clearer pictures of that coming, in case its hard to see in that one above) The pouch is a dark brown chocolate color, but because of the lighting it turned out more black! Just a disclaimer loves!

I wanted this post to be cute and simple, just like the company I'm featuring, so that's it! Here's their info...

Website / Instagram / Bag

And I will part with a picture of me looking very happy in a floral dress and this bag on my side



  1. This bag is so cute!! And I'm obsessed with your photos!

  2. Such an adorable bag! The monogram is a great touch.


  3. Hi christie, i was just wondering have you ever considerd going leather-free or to be more cruelty-free. You seem like a very cool openminded person and I know you've collabd with the messyheads who always "promote" veganism because it's amazing. so i was just wondering. xx

  4. Cute!!!

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