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free people global roaming...

Hi guys! Yesterday, Sunday, I had the ultimate pleasure for shooting with Free People featuring my beautiful Chloe bag from Trendlee. My love took the photographs and even though it was -2 degrees outside and partially raining it was so much fun and I was so happy that we found a beautiful, inspiring location. Below are the photos, and then I will chat more about the shoot :-)

Shop the Viola Dress

I fell in love with these dresses so much, I can't wait to whip them out when it's actually warm outside :-)

Extra details:
Outfit 1 - Luvaj earrings, Converse
Outfit 2 - Free People hat, Converse, bow choker from here

And now for my bag by Chloe...I'm going to have a post dedicated to it this week but I still wanted to mention it since it just pops so much in the photos!! Trendlee is a site that features amazing designer bags for less. You can shop their bags or even sell your own if you have some around that you don't use anymore. Shop more Chloe here. In my post this week I'll also be featuring a discount code, so stay tuned!! :-)

I hope you liked these pictures babes. Love you always


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  1. Lovely vibes radiating from your pictures. Its always nice to find a style blog that is authentic and to see your happiness in your shoots! Gorgeous outfits as always!