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thank you

I've been feeling so overwhelmed with thanks and joy lately that I literally had to pour it out in a post. This year has been a rough one for me. Though it was the year I finally moved into NYC, attended fashion school, landed my dream job, and had so many opportunities through my blog, it was hard. Living in a dorm was not easy and it made me feel uninspired and depressed. Because of my environment that got no light and no extra space, making videos wasn't able to happen ever. Subways everyday made me feel bored and empty. Trying to balance school, working, and posting creative images made me feel so unbelievably stressed. I just felt like I hit a wall.

Now, I feel as if this is a new chapter in my life. I'm moving out of the dorm and into a white apartment with my own room and so close to everything I love that I don't even have to take the subway. It's going to be a space that I'm going to decorate myself and buy furniture for. My own space with natural light means (FINALLY) Youtube videos and photographing and so much more inspiration. There are future opportunities around the corner (that I can't tell of just yet). I finally feel that everything is settling into place--this is my time. This is going to be my year. To revamp and make up for being dead for the past couple of months and not posting like I used to. I can feel it in the core of my heart--which is why I feel so overwhelmed with thanks and joy.

So, from the bottom of my Bambi heart, thank you. For still sticking with me even though I really slacked off due to overwhelmed feelings, an unbelievably difficult transition in my life, and a truly empty period of time. I have transitioned, I have accepted, and beautiful things are now coming. I can't wait for you all to come along on this wonderful, new adventure with me ♡


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! I'm so excited for all your new content and hope that this year is one of inspiration and happiness. Your dream job is something I aspire to achieve as well! Thank you for being so real on this blog :)

  2. I have really missed you! Try not to over stress yourself, it is okay to take some time off whenever you feel like you don't have energy anymore.. It is so important to take care of yourself and people will understand. I know so well how hard it is to keep updated with everything, when you feel uninspired or depressed, I honestly have always thought how have you done it so well. But I am so excited and happy for your new chapter in life!cant wait to see your apartment!:) Lovee you!!xx

  3. yayy! i'd been waiting for you ♡ that was me when i moved to the U.S. from japan to achieve my goal which was improving my english and getting a degree. i was so depressed and overwhelmed in a tiny little dorm, asking myself "why did i chose this?" but yep, i learned so many things from that haha
    anyway, happy that you came back! thank you for beautiful inspiration xx

  4. Lovee hearing that you're back! :)