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makeup haul

Hi loves! So this morning I decided to make a major makeup shopping trip. All of my makeup was running out, dirty, and literally falling apart. My Naked palette had missing eyeshadows and basically one thread to it's brush. I had to pump out pasty concealer and take leftovers from the tip of the bottle. Basically, it was a real mess. And, since I'm trying to make some wise and life-changing decisions nowadays, I decided to trek to Sephora and correct the problem. Without further ado, here are the staple items I bought!

Items: Nars bronzer in Casino. Dior mascara in 090. Sephora eyeshadow color Red Carpet. Milk lipstick in shade Cream.

Items: Kat-Von-D lock it concealer in light 18. Mini Urban Decay basics palette. Urban Decay Naked skin foundation in 1.5. Nude Stix concealer pencil (I use as highlighter) in shade light 1. Sephora brow filler in light.
Alright babes, that's it! I know this is short but I wanted to keep it simple & sweet. My normal makeup routine for school consists of concealer, foundation, light eyeshadow, bronzer, mascara, and chapstick. But hopefully I can amp it up a little bit and just feel a lot cleaner. Maybe it's just me but getting new makeup makes me feel fresh and clean...does anyone else feel this way? Hahahaha


  1. New makeup also makes me feel fresh, specially the very first that I dive into the product. Lovely picks :) X

    | www.noirettediary.com |

  2. Yes! I literally bought new makeup yesterday and I'm so excited to try it out!

  3. Lovee kat von d's products :)


  4. I think that it's really nice to learn that makeup is different for every person. Everyone has a different feature on their face that they like to show off.

  5. I love buying makeup and recently I've allowed myself to splurg a little. I'm trying to experiment with different makeup techniques and I hope to invest in some higher end make up, such as the naked palette :) lovely post x

  6. I really like you post good blog,Thanks for your sharing.


  7. Really Nice Haul and You have Beautiful Collection.....

    Be Mahivellous