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the grand reveal

Hey boos! So as promised, here is the post that will feature how I decorated my dorm room!! It's still not fully complete yet (I want to add more decor to the walls) but for the most part this is what it's lookin' like as of now. Literally everything is from IKEA, with bits and bobs from Anthropologie / Home Goods / little things from home. Hope you guys like it :-)

Yeeees! So today was a very busy day for me, I went out for brunch with a friend and then got coffee with another (wtf is wrong with me) and then I went shopping a little bit, had dinner, did more shopping…and now we're back at the room so I can edit pictures for y'all! I'll be showing you the things I get tomorrow (more shopping) because I literally brought NOTHING with me here so I need to get some back to school shopping out of my system. Here's the pictures from coffee at my favorite spot ever, Saturday Surf NYC.

This is me trying to be incognito taking pictures while at a busy coffee shop.

Okay loves, talk to you soon, hope you enjoyed!



  1. Kiki! I love your dorm décor and I am so happy you're fulfilling your dreams in NYC! I messaged you a while ago about going to college in Manhattan, but I'm in Boston now & loving every second. It's funny how things happen so unexpectedly and end up taking a turn for the best, even when nothing goes according to your plans. I wish you good luck, but you won't need it! Looks like you are ready to take on the world. Thank you for being such an amazing role model and style inspiration for all of us! Looking forward to more posts. :)

  2. This is literally so cute and adorable.. I live in in San francisco, and I remember the dorms my first year at art school.. Oh my gosh, they were not nearly as cute as this! Thankfully I have my own apt now. I hope you're loving it in New York city, and school is going well for you! I'm just getting started on my blog.. I'm an art student too! At the academy of art in San Francisco, but studying Fine Art Painting.. Your totally one of my fashion inspirations though, I'm always reading your blog.
    I'd love it if you could check mine out.. I'm just starting it and would really really appreciate and help. Thank you so much!


  3. As always I love the pictures. I love what you did with your dorm room, the decor is perfect. And it looks so cozy. I hope you have a good time while in NYC.


  4. So beautiful! what are you studing Kiki?