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a french holiday

I know the holidays have only just begun, but when my amazing friend Hannah came to New York this week, we just got majorly inspired to do a 'after holiday blues' sort of photoshoot, featuring some beautiful For Love & Lemons pieces from Planet Blue. There is something so charming about waking up with glitter on your face, in last night's heels, after celebrating the New Year and friends and family. I'm definitely a sucker when it comes to the classic glitz and glamour of the holidays, and we were also majorly inspired by French style. What else is new.

Paired with: Topshop beret, Asos fishnet tights, Asos heels
When we get together, Hannah and I literally just go crazy with photos and everything, it makes me feel so happy and inspired. Check out her Instagram, it's amazing. I really hope you guys liked these photos too! I'm leaving for home tomorrow and I could not be more excited. Of course I love New York but I need to decompress a little bit. The crowds have been really making me tired and I can't wait for my pup, my sister, my friends, and my love all celebrating the holidays together. I definitely want to do a post about what I want to accomplish in 2017 also. That will definitely be up on this blog soon! Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see also :-) 

Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday and let me know what your plans are ❤︎ I always love reading through your comments, they make me so happy.



  1. i'm in love with your style and the editing of the photos! <3

  2. these photos were so beautiful, I just love the vibe!! happy holidays <3

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  4. I do love your style. I am also in love with the French style too.