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sunday things

Today I felt like simply not doing much of anything. That's always what Sundays are for, right? Slipping on an overly cozy outfit, watching Netflix, drinking endless coffee. These usually are the days that I 'heal' and, of course, do my homework, but when it's not too stressful I love appreciating the little things and all the touches that make up a Sunday.

Step One: Cozy outfit.These little things I recently picked up while shopping with my mom. That beautiful lace bra was on sale at Anthropologie, and the socks + cutesy little button up shorts are from Madewell. That caramel colored cardigan is from H&M.
Another thing I love is the light that streams through my window in the afternoon. I place my plants right on the window sill so they can soak up the light and hopefully not die. Sunday is definitely the perfect day for taking care of house plants!

I've finished up all my work, so now it's time to cleanse and just take a breather and lay in bed. This weekend was a little bit crazy, and last night we were out way too late (Halloween celebrations of course!) and I feel like I just want to make mac and cheese and watch Youtube videos (which I will probably do). I did make a smoothie (with bananas, frozen strawberries + raspberries, yogurt, chia seeds, almond milk, honey) to nurture me back to life. It is another really good Sunday thing to make something healthy that's packed with nutrients, you'll feel so good about yourself afterwards!
I will also probably do a facial and make some green tea tonight. Halloween movies are almost over and we must take advantage! That's my Sunday, how do you spend yours?


  1. all I did this sunday was stay in bed and eat apple pancakes :-) that bra looks so cute!! and how do you make your photos look so vintage-like?
    greetings from germany!

  2. Nice post! All the things are so relaxing and cozy... Can you tell what's the book you are currently reading?