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new interiors: the antique mirror

It's been on 2 or 3 of my inspiration boards..obviously I have been a little obsessed with a French, antique, gold-framed mirror for the past couple of months now and I am so happy to say you guys won't hear me obsessing about it any longer. Well, you probably will, since now I have one sitting actually sitting on my vanity table...

I was pretty skeptical ordering a mirror off of Etsy because I had never ordered 'furniture' pieces there and was unsure whether a glass article would make it through with delivery people literally just throwing it places (that probably doesn't happen but, you never know). So, I was so happy when it arrived, safe and sound. 

I guess what inspired my craving of this mirror is when I stayed a hotel on the west coast. They had a vanity table and a beautiful mirror like this, making for the most comfortable makeup-applying situation ever. I wanted to recreate that area in my room since I do my makeup almost everyday and wanted a comfy spot since honestly...doing my makeup isn't my most favorite thing in the world, especially when I need to run out the door for class. This way, I can relax and...maybe feel like I am in Paris again. 

I also thought that if I ever have a marble fireplace (hey, a girl can dream) that this would be the perfect mirror to put on the mantle with other decorative items. Would be so nice and classic, I think. 
Also my favorite part about this mirror is the gold detailing. I didn't even realizes that roses, one of my favorite types of flowers, were etched on the sides until I took a closer look. I hope you guys won't get sick of the pictures I take in this mirror, hahaha! 
Anyway, I wanted to share this new addition with you because I am genuinely so happy about it. It truly has transformed my room, and it also adds height to that corner since my mirror was so small before. I promise, a proper updated room tour is headed your way soon. Can't wait!P.S. This mirror was from AssemblageCo on Etsy, they have so many beautiful vintage pieces.